Tuesday, July 28, 2009

News Reel - NFL Reinstates Vick

Here's the latest update on our good ol' friend Michael Vick. After serving 20 months in custody after being found guilty of dogfighting, he has been released and reinstated in the NFL. To read the full article, see the below link.

NFL reinstates Vick, but stigma to dog him

Turns out there is some concern about his fitness after being in prison for so long and inactive. Fitness? After everything he's done and all that he's been through ... they are worried about his fitness?!

What team in their right mind would ever sign him? Any ideas?

Is there a team out there that is so hard pressed that they would be willing to take on an asshat like Vick as a hope that they could bring their stats up?? What do you think? Anyone want to lay any bets down on who would take him on?


mytwh said...

I love watching football. It's my guilty pleasure in the fall on Sundays. I would like to marry Tom Brady, well, if I wasn't married and he wasn't married and I looked like Giselle and a million other things :)

But honestly, I am so friggin' PISSED at the NFL right now. That they'll let this POS back in???? I can't imagine anyone will take him, except maybe the Raiders or the Lions. They both suck and at this point will probably do anything to win a game. But I would imagine their fan base would boycott for the most part????

Is there a petition or something to sign? Maybe I'll write a nice, professional letter to the NFL expressing my disgust. I'm sorry, but a person who abuses animals, kills them in horrific way, and does what he's done to dogs, will never change. Inside, he'll always be the same. Some leporards never change their spots and he never will. He may say he's reformed, but inside he wants another pack of pits to abuse.

GoLightly said...

Ah, sports celebrities.

They are held to such a standard.
Of what, I don't know.
I'll stick with tennis, thanks.

Maybe let a pack of dogs chase him.
That'll help his fitness.

Molly the Airedale said...

We are prayin' that nobody wants this loser!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

sadermaxx said...

I think he will get to play fb this year, in the nfl there has been rapist, drug addicts and people who have been found guilty of physical abuse, who had a very full career and got paid very well in the nfl.

Dog_geek said...

No guesses as to which team, but unfortunately I have no doubts that someone will take him.

Ambi said...

I wouldn't be surprised if we took him in Detroit. We're good at dogfighting around here, and look at the Lions - we're pretty desperate.

shane rocket said...

hopefully nobody will pick him up... :(

*Amber* aka Suzy SINsation said...

"ESPN analyst and former New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs coach Herm Edwards said. "There's gonna be picketing and that stuff, but that kind of goes away. You can anticipate that." "

RIDICULOUS. Hopefully there will be major flack for any team taking him - above and beyond anything they've seen before.

mytwh said...

Unfiltered Meghan - that's exactly what I thought.

Lacy said...

w00fs, money money money, its all a money game, but it will backfire..no one will support the team that signs him..or they shouldnt...

b safe,

OldMorgans said...

Football is big business and does not care what he did off the field. If he can still deliver on the field, he'll be playing. Professional sports is its own universe.

dickster1961 said...

I am not a Vick fan. I love dogs and abhor what he did. I would not want my favorite team to pick him up. It would not hurt my feelings if he never played another game in the NFL. However, he has served his sentence and is essentially bankrupt. Any ex-con should be able to pursue some sort of livelihood. As distasteful as the dog fighting is, there are others who have done as bad or worse and are still playing in the NFL will less severe penalties than he incurred.