Tuesday, July 7, 2009

News Reel - Black Dog Memorial Fund

Ok, so I read this and I got all tingly! Yikes. Thought it was important that I share it. It's written in chronological order from bottom to top. It took me a minute to realize that.

SPCA creates Black Dog Memorial Fund

There is a video on the link if you want to see him. Here's a recap ...

For 2 decades the "king of the strays" wandered the streets of Richmond. He avoided all manners of traps to catch him. The beloved chow-mix had many homes where people often left food out for him. Many believed he wasn't just a dog, but a spiritual figure, seemingly immune to time and age.

On Thursday they learned, sadly, that he was mortal. He was apparently hit by a car early in the morning. He was buried that afternoon on the property of a secluded estate in Buckingham. Among those present at the impromptu burial, a woman he once saved from a late night attacker.

It's important to remember how much black dog reminds us it's okay to be independent, to be free, to be scruffy, and to be hungry every once and a while.

We should all take a moment and think about that last sentence. It's pretty important.


Splash said...

I too got all tingly reading the news article. But mostly because they wrote "he alluded capture". AAAAACK, these are journalists?

I will elude all subsequent comments on your post. he he.

GoLightly said...

"Apparently" hit by a car?

I wonder..
of course, if he was truly ancient, maybe he was going deaf...

What a story he had!
Thanks for sharing it DDF.

To Black Dogs.

So true, that last sentence. So many have NO clue, what it's like to be truly in dire need.

I know what it's like to be scruffy:)