Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News Reel - Dog fighting raids

Thought I'd pass this one on. I know it's just a drop in a larger pool, but it's a start. They have to keep fighting the good fight and this is a darn good start.

Informants helped agents infiltrate dogfights

Raids in 6 states show dogfighting is widespread

More than 400 dogs seized in multistate raid on dogfighting rings

If you have any information about people dogfighting in your area, call crimestoppers! Don't just sit by and do nothing. There's a saying that you'll probably find familiar ...

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.


GoLightly said...

"Hihath, who teaches physical education at a state school for the severely disabled, went by the name "the schoolteacher" when discussing dogfighting online,"

Holy good gawd..

Kudos to the informants. They take a huge risk.
The DogFighters really should just start their own human "Fight Club", where THEY are the ones getting beaten, and baited and starved...

shane rocket said...

yeah try living in Missouri- people here are stupid.

Flo said...

This was great. The best part is the dogs are no longer automatically euthanized. Because of the Vick case, fighting dogs are now evaluated individually. If any good came out of the Vick case it was that.

Thoughts said...

So sad to hear all this but THANK GOD those dogs are all saved now.

I pray for their recovery, and I hope those convicted go straight to hell.

Thank GOD for those informers.

mytwh said...

All those dogs. So sad. I hope every person that was involved with the dog fighting burns, slowly and for a long time.

As a somewhat related note, when I look at my new Pitbull Dominic I see what evil people who want to use these dogs for fighting have done to this breed and it makes me so sick and so sad. I have never seen a dog with as poor confirmation as Dominic. He must be in pain when he moves and runs but he's just so happy to be loved. I don't know if this is the correct term for dogs, but he is so sickle hocked it's crazy. He has this huge head with a huge jaw, tiny tiny ears (they're not cropped, just ridiculously small for his huge head). His neck is super long, you could easily fit at least 5-6 large dog collars on his neck at once. Then he has a huge chest with wide set front legs, a skinny little body and his messed up back legs. We knew when we got him that he had luxating patellas, a lot of articles on the net say that this is usually caused by an accident and in small dogs mostly, but I have to think his poor confirmation put him at a higher risk for this. He's so slow when he runs it's pretty sad, he tries to keep up with zippy little Ziggy who was meant for speed but just can't. He really looks handicapped when he runs. And he had this weird halting gait when he walks.

Anyway, whenever I saw something about his confirmation my husband reminds me he was built for fighting, not to be athletic. It's so sad that people are purposely breeding such poorly constructed animals because they want one built for fighting. He's only 2 and we know he'll probably need surgery for his "knees". I can't help but wonder though even if we do the surgery, if he won't have a shortened life span because of his physical build. If he's sore now, how's he going to feel when he's 8 or 10 or even 6? So sad.