Friday, July 3, 2009

Monthly Followup June

June followup
Happy July everyone!
To Canada, I hope you had a great day on July 1st - Happy Canada Day (also commonly known by some of my co-workers as "Eh-Day").
To USA tomorrow, I hope your July 4th is great - Happy Independence Day.
July seems to be a pretty big month for holidays; July 2nd is National Literacy Day; July 7th is Chocolate Day; July 19th is Hot Dog Day (seriously, who comes up with these things?). Regardless of what you and your family celebrates - I hope you have a great time and be safe.
Just a quick note about your dogs and fireworks -- keep your dogs inside! The last thing you want is for your canine family member to spook at the loud noises and take off running. So many dogs are found as strays in the days following these holidays. Please don't let your dog be one of the statistics.

Top Commenters
I love reading everyone's opinion. If it doesn't mesh with mine, I really enjoy hearing you hash it out! It's great to hear from everyone. I try to give a little link love to the top commenters here on my blog every month so here are the top 5 commenters from June.

What?! Comments again?! Ok, don't get cranked. This is a different topic from the commenters above. I just wanted to let everyone know that although I am a bit behind in replying to all the comments from June, I will be replying to all eventually.


GoLightly said...

Oh, gawd, Flip hates fireworks..
Me too, actually.

I think I have to do a post, just for you:)

I've been really horse-centric lately..

Happy July 1st/4th!

shane rocket said...

Hey thanks!!!! :)

Also no problem here with our big strong strapping boys- they are too sissy to go outside when it is "thundering"... and the firework carrying kids are crazy around here so moms go out with the doggies to potty for safety. :) happy weekend.