Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Featured Rescue - Blade the Doberman Pinscher

The majority of Doberman Pinschers that I have met have been calm and laid back. I have found that even the untrained ones I have run across are pretty calm under it all; just excitable when in an environment that is different.

Today's featured rescue is Blade who is a laid back 9 year old guy. He is a courtesy post from a shelter. I Googled the phone number and it is the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. Let's hope this calm guy who "likes to watch movies" is adopted before his time runs out.

If you are interested in him, note that he has a number assigned to him, not a name, at the shelter. The petfinder ad asks you to refer to the number. It's too bad someone couldn't pull him out and keep him till he finds the right home to spend his remaining days in.


Under it all ... I've known Dobermans who seem to be excitable at first glance until they've started learning some life-skills (the blank-slate dog), but after you've worked with them a little (and I mean LITTLE) and they build up some self-control and self-discipline, they are pretty calm dogs.

Does anyone have experience with a Doberman that contradicts this calm, laid back attitude? (I don't mean puppy - most puppies contradict the calm and laid back attitude!)


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Blade is gorgeous! I can't imaagine dumping my old dog (or any dog) for any reason.

The breed, much to its detriment, became very popular after the movie the doberman Gang and its sequel, the Daring Dobermans. I saw quite a few results of very poor breeding combined with inexperienced owners/handlers. Should we blame that on the dog? Never! I stand by my belief there is no such thing as a bad or stupid dog, but an overlaod of bad and stupid people.

If you haven't seen the movies (circa 1973), do it! They are awesome!

shane rocket said...

blade? wow what a typical "tough" name for a "tough" breed. now people will think he is mean, and in reality he is probably scared of storms and is a lap dog. stupid people.

bemused26 said...

What a beautiful dog. I don't understand how people can dump any animal.
I have known only a couple of Doberman dogs in my life and each one has been soft and soppy and really quiet- laid back is a good way to describe them. I really hope he finds someone to take care of him.

GoLightly said...

Oh, he's gorgeous, poor old bugger.

Just met a rescued Dobie, my vet adopted him, he's Gigantic.
Tallest Dobie I've ever seen. He even made Flip cower/piddle a little, which she never does!
(She was SO embarassed)
It was my fault, she'd been in the truck for quite a bit, bad owner:(
Flip didn't forgive me until that night.

Vet's Dobie is just 2 years old, very, very laid back. I've never met a Dobie I didn't like:)
So, yeah, I'm in the totally cool dogs camp.
I think Flip was just Amazed at how BIG he was. She's used to her little Sega, cowering/piddling to her.
It was kinda funny, but you had to be there..

Good luck, Blade.

Your Daily Cute said...

Aw, Blade is such a handsome doggie. I really hope he finds a happy home -- all animals deserve it!

Meaghan Edwards said...

I am a shelter volunteer and believe Blade was adopted as of Sunday. He was perfectly safe at the SPCA as they are a no kill shelter since 2005 (Animal Control is separate and is unfortunately forced to euthanize cats), but they do work with rescues. I hate seeing any dog homeless, especially the old ones :( There is a lovely nine year old Lab/Husky Mix who has been at the SPCA since May, I believe. Her name is Ac. Full of life and personality . . .