Thursday, October 15, 2009

News Reel - Pit Bull Group: Vick Declines

Every time I run across another Vick story I shake my head. There's a country song that reminds me of Mike Vick by Brad Paisley called "Celebrity" (in fact, it reminds me of a lot of "celebrities" but that's beside the point). Here are a few lines from the song:

"I'll get community service no matter which law I break
I'll make the supermarket tabloids, they'll write some awful stuff
But the more they run my name down the more my price goes up"

Doesn't that sound like the Vick case? On October 15, 2009 the following story was printed on ...

Pit Bull Group: Vick Declined To See His Former Dogs

Now, why would they even offer to do this? "Come look at the dogs you used to fight through a window so we can write some more crap about you. Tempt fate so that someone could walk a dog close enough to you that they can claim you violated your parole." How dumb is that?

Much as I hate to admit this, Vick was smart not to go. If he did, what would they write? That he looked remorseful? Indifferent? Does it really matter? They would write whatever they wanted no matter what he did.

THAT goes to show us that this story has been taken too far. Perhaps I am too cynical? Possibly I should give the benefit of the doubt? To whom?

Now, I dislike the things that Vick did just as much as the next person. I could probably extend that statement as far as to say that I dislike Vick and would chase him off my property with a shotgun in hand. That doesn't mean I would set him up like that. I do have some EMPATHY for other human beings (not a lot, but some).

Some would say that they were just trying to do a nice thing. I don't believe it. If they weren't trying to set him up than why would they contact the media to let everyone know that Vick denied the opportunity? Why wouldn't they keep it quiet?

"Celebrity" goes both ways on this. How many donations do you think the group BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls) receives every time their name is in the papers?? How many adoption applications?

If there is one thing I have learned about volunteering with a charitable organization is that every time there is an article in the newspaper about the org, donations come rolling in.

So ... what do you think about all this?


Splash said...

I don't understand why you'd link to a news story from an Atlanta TV station about a story that is developing in Oakland, California....? We have news organizations way out here in the wild West too!

BADRAP has an excellent (as usual) blog post about why they extended the invitation. The best way Vick could earn some good PR for his visit to Oakland is donate some money to BADRAP to cover the costs of rehabilitating and caring for his former dogs.

I would remind everyone that despite Oakland's desperate need for good players of any kind, they had no interest in Vick. That's pretty telling, imo. I myself am boycotting NFL entirely this year and rediscovering college football, even though my university couldn't win a game against my high school.

The San Jose Mercury News (excellent newspaper) also has a great story with a local perspective. More local than Atlanta.....just saying.

Melissa said...

You're right, it sounds like a setup. If Vick accepts, they'll find a way to make him look bad. If he declines, he looks heartless. I'm not a fan of Vick - not in the least! - but I like cruel media games even less.

I want a doggie t-shirt that says 'Will bite Michael Vick... everyone else is ok.'

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

That tool and all associated with him should be shoved as far back beyond the perimeters of society as is possible.

The fact that he's getting any kind of face time in the media, burns me up! That Brad paisley song says it all.

LilliGirl said...

Set Up!