Friday, October 2, 2009

Monthly Followup - September

Monthly Followup

It's October! Did you know that October is American Humane's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? Read up on it! Learn about it. Never say "I didn't know" because the ones suffering for your ignorance are both you and the dogs.

Phoenix Update

From The Humane Society Of Durham Region:
"September 14, 2009 Phoenix has been in his foster home now for 5 days and is fitting in very well.He loves the cats and has started playing with some doggie friends. He is much loved by everyone in the neighbourhood and greeted by everyone who meets him on his walks. He loves sleeping on the bed and getting all the attention. He feels pretty good. He is still eating well and seems to have a particular fondness for cat food."

Comments and Training

I have not had time to properly reply to all the great comments this month. For that, I apologise. It has been a busy month with Humane Society fundraisers, dogs and work (you know, that place where I go to get paid so I can buy more dog food and cat litter!).

I read each comment as they came in and I will be re-reading them all in the next few days. I will be working this weekend on replying to all the comments before visiting your links and commenting on your blogs.

I have also began a new venture into training. I started taking on clients for private sessions this month after a vet in the area who knows what I do asked me to work with some of her clients who were considering euthanasia as other trainers in the area weren't willing to take the dogs on. Mostly I've been working on problematic behaviours (aggression, anxiety, fear, inappropriate elimination, etc), showing people how to build that unbreakable bond and basic obedience (sit, stay, come, stop, off leash "heel", etc). I have a few trainers that I refer people to if they are interested in more than I will give them (Rally-O, Flyball, Herding or other things) but we start with teaching appropriate behaviour and basics.


Top Commenters
Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog to comment this month! This month's top 3 commenters are:

GoLightly author of GoLightly - Fiction and GoLightly Fiction, BeginningToEnd
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LilliGirl author of It's a Great Life...


Entrecard Top Droppers


Flo said...

It was you that prompted me to go and find a trainer for Axl. Reading your blog and the common sense things you say made me realize I was in over my head. We found a trainer we liked and she worked with us (probably more then Axl :) and things are going great. What I thought were signs of aggression turned out to be fear on his part. We know how to deal with it and he's getting better. We are able to walk them every night and that is making a huge difference. So thank you. Keep up the good work.

Viatecio said...

I'm just wondering why people call themselves "trainers" and then have the utter gall to tell potential clients that they can't or won't work with their dogs. AND THEN have even more gall in suggesting that the best thing for the dog would be the "kindness" of eternal sleep (check out the awesome analogy this guy makes between dog training and medicine!).

If trainers wouldn't use or demonstrate it on themselves, they should in no way use it on a dog (this guy says it way better than I can) unless any and every other option has been exhausted.

Congrats to you for working with these dogs and doing what others refuse to do for whatever reason.

GoLightly said...

Kudos, DDF.

You helped me with my "aha" moments in training.

Answered questions I didn't even know I had.

word verf is

My Go-Ism, for the day.

have a great week!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Flo ...

I am glad to hear that things are going well for Axl! You've been blogging about it, right? I believe I read an entry about meeting with the trainer and Axl doing better with the dog.

Viatecio ...

I couldn't have said that better myself. "Dog training" has become a lucrative business and that bothers me. I'm posting the Plan B link in today's entry to ensure that others read it.

GoLightly ...

Those are the best questions! :)