Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Featured Rescue - Roxy the Redbone Coonhound

Yesterday I featured the Bavarian Mountain Hound on my Guess the Breed post. Unfortunately, after a bit of searching, I was unable to come up with a rescue that actually listed any available dogs. There are rescues out there, but the ones I found don't actively advertise their available dogs on the internet (which is a good thing). Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided to feature a different scent hound for today's featured rescue.

This is Roxy. She is a 10 month old Redbone Coonhound who has had a hard life so far. To quote from her ad "She was left behind by her original owner when she moved. Then she was hit by a car and suffered nerve damage to her Left front leg which then had to be removed. She was adopted by a family and had settled in but then they decided that she was to much for them to handle and they brought her back."

Three legged dogs can be just as active as four legged dogs. Losing a front leg doesn't slow many dogs down. Roxy needs some obedience training and daily exercise. She is currently located in Wellsboro, PA at Wellsboro Veterinary Hospital.


*Amber* said...

Question - why is it a good thing that they don't advertise their available dogs?

Poor sweet three-legger.

shane rocket said...

purely amazing dog.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

It is a good thing because it can mean ...

- they don't have a lot of dogs looking for re-homes.
- they have a waiting list for dogs and so move them quickly through their network.
- there is no need to list available dogs ... possibly no dogs at this time?? that would be a good thing.
- the breed is in such high demand that there are no issues finding homes for them.
- limits the amount of people who will "fall in love" with the picture and neglect the actual dog upon meeting (many people have already come to a decision in their mind before they even meet the dog when the picture is made available).
- may encourage potential adopters to learn about the breed instead of "falling" for one individual picture.

I'm sure there are other reasons, but I can't think of any more this instant.

On the flip side ...

The reasons why you would want to advertise the adoptables are fewer, such as publicity, awareness, etc. but that doesn't mean they are less important. The fact that the rescues I found that work with this breed don't advertise suggest that they don't feel the need for such publicity. Therefore, that is a good thing because the need is not there.

Does that explain it well?

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I love hounds. you can have so much fun with a dog that has a good nose! Roxy looks like she would be a lot of fun. Good Luck Roxy-girl!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Roxy looks like a doll!

GoLightly said...

Good luck, Roxy!

*Amber* said...

Yep, makes sense! Thanks for the explanation. :)

I wonder if this dog is often mistaken for a mix of other breeds if one ever does end up in a shelter..? I've seen white german shepherds marked as shepherd/husky mixes and they're fairly common!

Sugar Cribs said...

cute dog there