Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess the Breed #9

Yikes! I can't believe we've already had 8 Guess the Breed dogs so far! It seems so new. Anyway, this is the last picture that Calsidyrose of We Don't Rent Puppies sent me. If anyone else would like to send me some pics, feel free!

Here is GTB Dog #9. He looks like a cutie. He's a senior dog. What do you think?

Just in case anyone forgets, the golden rules are as follows:

1. Don't bash anyone else's opinion.
2. Friendly banter only
3. Post your opinion! Everyone's thoughts count!
4. Have fun!

GTB #8 was a shelter - mixed breed. She was listed as a Border Collie, but since we don't know her breed for sure, the first person who posted a comment was GiantSpeckeldChihuahua, author of Ummmm .... which is a dog related blog (though the last post was about animals in general!).


GoLightly said...



maybe, awful cute, whatever he is.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

dachshund and golden retriever

autumnblaze said...


What cute older gentleman!

Calsidyrose said...

Oh GSP! Your comment made me snort soda through my nose! "Dudley" had all the awesome attitude of a big ol' retriever mix, but his portly tummy was only about four inches above the floor!

He had the softest wavy, caramel-colored coat!

He has been adopted, but I just couldn't decide what he was--does anyone see Corgi in him?

mytwh said...

I saw some Corgi-mostly Dachie though! SO cute! I'm so glad he was adopted!

bnovotney said...

dach and golden... good looking critter!

letsgetfit said...

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LilliGirl said...

Corgie and setter something?

zebjao said...

what a cute...dachshund...