Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DDF ~ Dogs In Strollers

I can not believe how many people are jumping on the doggie-band-wagon and buying a stroller for their dogs! How rediculous is that? It makes me so sad to see people so lonely that they overcompensate with their dogs. I understand why they do it, but it is very sad to see because they could put so much of that energy into something more healthy.

Anyway, I heard this on the radio last week and now it's being passed around via email so I thought I'd publish it. The humour is rather cynical but I wonder if that's the mind-space I'm at right now ... I really enjoyed listening to this read on the radio and then enjoyed it just as much re-reading it on charlesadler.com. If you have a few minutes, I would recommend taking the time to check it out.

Dog Gone! by The Menzoid.

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Sally said...

While some people who use dog strollers might be overcompensating, there are legitimate health related reasons for their use. My dachshund has a bad back and periodically must be on restricted activity. During that time, a dog stroller comes in handy.
She can be moved to where the rest of the family is in the house and taken outside more easily.
I used to be one who thought pet strollers were silly, too. However, now I'm grateful to have one for my dachshund!

bichonpawz said...

I understand why you would feel that way....but I must agree with Sally. My Chloe has issues with her knee and there are times when she cannot keep up with the pack. So...the stroller was purchased at a time when we truly needed it. Since that time, we have also utilized the stroller at family picnics where there were many large dogs running around and we wanted to contain Chloe so she didn't get hurt. She uses the stroller as her safe spot. It works for us.

DogQuality.com said...

I have seen so many examples of a dog stroller changing the lives of older dogs and their families. For older dogs who suffer from mobility issues such as arthritis, a stroller is a great way for them to still get out and enjoy life. They can walk when able, but then use the stroller to take necessary breaks. On top of that you have the mental stimulation they get from being on a walk and seeing and smelling all the different things along the way. I use one for my own dog who is a 14 year old Pug and he lights up when riding in a stroller.

The bottom line is that the only people that think using a dog stroller is silly, are those that have not had an older dog or a disabled dog in their lives. Don't judge until you have thought of all the reasons for using such an amazing product.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Sally ... I understand that doxies will often get problems with their backs. When there is a medical reason for the stroller that is somewhat different, no? Unfortunately, there are far too many people out there who are not using them for this reason ...

Bichonpawz ... from the sounds of it, in the family picnic scenario, you are using a stroller the way I would use a crate. I would go for a crate first because then my dog could go in and out and be part of the "action" with the other dogs but also have a safe spot to return to when she is overwhelmed.

dogquality.com ... there are many other ways to assist an older dog with arthritis that does not affect the ability of the dog to interact with the rest of the world, nor do they affect the ability of the dog to be a dog.

I have posted a followup to this today. http://dogsdeservefreedom.blogspot.com/2010/09/dogs-in-strollers-part-2.html