Thursday, September 30, 2010

Featured Rescue Followups September

Today's Featured Rescue Followup will be for September. There's some good news for some of the dogs that have been looking for a home. While I do hope that all the dogs I list are adopted, there are many (many, many, many) more out there that I haven't listed that need a home just as badly.

If you can open your heart and your home to one dog, you can change the course of his/her life forever. You can make a difference.

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Eubie the Border Collie

Status: Not Adopted

Featured on May 13, 2009

Jack A Roo the deaf Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

Status: Not Adopted.

Featured on May 30, 2009

Juliet the German Shepherd Dog

Status: Not Adopted

Featured December 14, 2009

Sherlock the Australian Shepherd

Status: Not Adopted

Featured January 17, 2010

Corey the Black and Tan Coonhound

Status: Not Adopted

Featured February 1, 2010

Nemo the Bernese Mix
Status: Not Adopted
Featured March 22, 2010

Dozer the Boxer
Status: Not Adopted
Featured April 22, 2010

15 Newmarket OSPCA Animals At Vet Clinic
Status: Only 4 Left to be Adopted
Featured: July 22, 2010

Adonis the American Bulldog
Status: Not Adopted
Featured: August 23, 2010

Tux the Lancashire Heeler mix
Status: Not Adopted
Featured: August 30, 2010

Toby Taco Bell the Chihuahua
Status: Not Adopted
Featured: September 3, 2010

Einstein the American Bulldog
Status: Not Adopted
Featured: September 14, 2010

Big Red the Doberman Pinscher
Status: Listing Removed - Assumed Adopted
Featured: September 19, 2010

Samwise the Beagle
Status: Adopted!
Featured: Sepember 24, 2010


GoLightly said...

an awful lot left over on that list. That deaf heeler.. The GSD, the bc...

Good luck to them, poor critters.

sadly out.

bichonpawz said...

I really wish I could adopt another. My husband has put his foot down and said no more for now. Sure hoping that these beautiful dogs find their forever homes soon.

bbes tribe said...

So sad that so many still have not been adopted. We will keep our paws crossed & think special thoughts for them. We have had some fosters that took longer than others to find their special home. But finally they did.

Anonymous said...

Wish we could rescue all of them. Thanks for you're efforts and remember Spay/Neuter will make a big impact on the captured stray population.
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