Thursday, September 16, 2010

PupDate - Foster Dog, Hypoglycemia in Dogs, Pictures!

Things are progressing with our foster dog, Red. *Knock on wood* we haven't had a bad incident with her for almost two weeks now. Rather than attacking the dogs, she now tries to play with them. We have been taking her to meet other dogs in a fenced yard and have noticed some great success. We have noticed that she tries to head the other dogs off if they are running around (using her body and mouth). IMHO, This is good progress because we've gone past the "I want to kick your ass" to "You need to stop running around".

She's getting *better* with the cats ... she now will stare at the cats, then turn around and come to get us to let us know that "there's that cat" ... "it's right there". I can live with that; at least she's not biting the cats anymore. It's been recommended that I get a muzzle for her so I can start working her without a leash inside the house. I'm not sure about that since I'm not very keen on using muzzles, but maybe there are times when exceptions must be made.

In other "news", my resident ACD and "chosen one" has been having some interesting symptoms. We aren't sure what it is but are hoping it is simply Hypoglycemia. She will be fine one moment, then heaving and vomiting the next ... when she is finished vomiting, she falls over. The first time she did it, her whole body was twitching in convulsions (sounds like a seizure, doesn't it?). The second time she did it, she got up immediately with no twitching. I know ... it could be epilepsy and the fact that she has a heart murmur doesn't make it any better. We have an appointment tomorrow for blood work ... here's hoping it's something easy that we can manage! I'll keep you posted.

And ... finally ... I have herding pictures! Yay! I attended a herding "Fun Day" this past weekend and had someone take lots of pictures. I will be sifting through them and will see if there's a post-worthy one in the bunch. (Yeah, I haven't had time to go through them yet)


eza said...

nice dogy.... n nice to see your blog!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Seems like red is doing great! I'm with when it comes to the muzzle. a muzzle would merely be a bandaid and a very frustrating bandaid, at that.

I hope the symptons your ACD are presenting are an easy fix. They sure sound scary! I'll be sending good mojo and vibes her way!

Can't wait to see the herding pictures! Don't be too fussy (or slow!)