Monday, September 13, 2010

News Reel - Re-Homed Dog Attacks New Owners

The following news article has created quite a stir on one of the email lists I'm on. Dog savages boys in frenzied attack as they lie sleeping. As always, I have to ask myself why people do such idiotic things??

Why was the dog not crated?
Why would you allow a dog (who probably outweighs your children) to be unsupervised by an adult?
What happened earlier in the day - could it have triggered this attack?
Why were the kids (13 and 12 y/o) allowed to sleep on the couch watching TV and why weren't they in their beds?
Why would you EVER allow a dog you just brought into your home 1 week ago to have the run of your house??

Why? Why are people such asshats? Don't they see the errors in their ways?? Just ... why?

I'm sorry to award this one today. I don't like reading these articles. 

Ms Paterson has earned the Dogs Deserve Freedom ASSHAT Award of the day. Congratulations, Ms Paterson - your asshattery has not only damaged your children but also resulted in killing your dog.

This "episode" will probably emotionally scar the two brothers for life - they may lose all trust in dogs (or even certain breeds). A very sad day for dogs.

People tell me that it's "cruel" to crate a dog but I would like you to think about this ... Was it worth it? Was it worth not crating the dog for something like this to happen??

What's more cruel? To crate a dog or to allow it to fail so badly that it is euthanized and children are harmed??


GoLightly said...

Good, sadly unanswerable questions.

I cannot believe NO warning signs were given before that. And I'm being photo-prejudicial, but that dog's face ain't very friendly.

Why had the dog been given away?

Giant dogs are a danger in the wrong hands. A very grave danger.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable! I don’t have knowledge of the temperament of those individual breeds. But just looking at the photo I would have some major concerns leaving a dog not contained with only having a week to get to know the personality of the dog.

OldMorgans said...

You are expecting people to know something about dog behaviour & psychology?
Beyond that, I become rude.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GoLightly ... good question - I note the article didn't mention why the dog was given away by the previous owners. I'm sure there were warning signs. I wonder if the kid kicked the dog while sleeping and I wonder if the dog was deaf or something?? I know, that's a little bit of a jump but given the huge over-reaction and the white coat ... makes me wonder.

TopDogTom ... totally! I wouldn't trust ANY dog within a week - regardless of its size or breed.

OldMorgans ... You're right. I expect far too much from people ... but I can't expect it from the dog so someone in the relationship has GOT to be the responsible one.