Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dogs Deserve Freedom - say what?

I've had quite a few people email and ask me what I mean by the statement Dogs Deserve Freedom. I keep emailing them back and explaining to them what I mean, but I thought maybe I'd post a blog entry about it. When I first started this blog, I wrote an introduction entry that explained some of my beliefs. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to do so now.

Every day, my opinions are refined regarding dog training, techniques, owners, breeding and other dog related "things". Most people I know couldn't be bothered to actually listen to my answers ... what can ya do ... I have a lot to say, I am opinionated and I'm a bit long-winded. Too bad. So sad. So I started this blog because otherwise I would explode at everyone around me when they are being dumb with their dogs. This is how I found a way to deal with it.

What do I mean by "Freedom" and why do I think that Dogs Deserve it? Every time someone emails me about this, I get the "are you some crazy animal advocate who thinks people shouldn't keep dogs as pets because they aren't 'free'?"

Here are the answers to this question. No. That's not what I mean by "Freedom". Yes. According to some, I am crazy. No. I don't think dogs should be running around willy-nilly. Yes. I could be defined as an animal advocate. No. I don't have a problem with people keeping dogs as pets. Yes. I have a problem with most people.

Everyone has to learn how to adapt and live in this world - human, dog, etc. Here in Canada, there are 12 years of school that humans are expected to take to learn how to deal with this world we live in. We expect dogs to learn the same life-lessons in much less time. We live in a modern world and like it or not, dogs do too.

- freedom to live without the need for crates, leashes and other training 'tools'
- freedom to live without fear and anxiety
- freedom to be outside without the need for fences or other containment items
- freedom to interact and play with animals, children, adults, etc without the impulse or need to bully or do harm
- freedom to be a valued member of a family enjoying the love and companionship freely given within the boundaries of this relationship
I don't know how better to explain than that. In my first post I explained that in some countries in Europe, dogs are often found in places like restaurants. They are under the tables, not bothering anyone, not sniffing the dog at the next table, not getting underfoot for the servers and not begging for food. How many dogs could do that in North America? It was just an example, but the best one I could think of because it is something that doesn't exist here often.

I think owners should know exactly what their dog will do in any situation because they are always under control (yes, even when they are tear-assing around the fields being crazy-silly-wild-puppies-woohoo, the situation can still be controlled). I think that if there is a situation that the dog does not know how to deal with, he should be trained to return to the handler immediately without the handler needing to recall.

I think people shouldn't breed their dogs just because it's "so darn't kyoot" or because it is a certain breed. Dogs that are bred purposefully should be purebred and registered with AKC (American Kennel Club) or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and there should be a need for said dogs - not an oversatuation of the breed in the shelters or rescue. We have far too many mutts out there that are accidents so don't do it on purpose!
I don't believe that deep down, all dogs have the desire to be parents; that is a human feeling that people put onto animals (again with the anthropomorphism!). I have heard far too many people say this.
I think if a dog is to be bred, they should earn it. Breeding should be a privilege, not a right ... then again, there are a lot of humans I could say the same thing about ... some ... just ... shouldn't ... reproduce ... hmmm ... maybe I should just stop now before I get myself into trouble.

It all comes down to the owner. Everything is the owners' job ... to ensure their dog is safe at all times ... to ensure that their dogs are neutered if they are not "breeding material" (if they are bred than owners should provide all that is necessary to ensure the safest possible delivery) ... to ensure their dog receives the proper training and education ... to provide stimulation for the dog to keep it happy (yes, that could be a Job such as service dog or it could simply be another form of entertainment) ... to provide companionship, direction, discipline and love.
All owners should provide their dogs with the ability to have the freedom he or she deserves. This is what I mean by Dogs Deserve Freedom.


Momoko said...

My mom knew it recently taht The dog given a contraception operation hold an inferiority complex for the dog have not given it.

Heart of goldie,momoKo

GoLightly said...

Great post, DDF.

I get it.

OldMorgans said...

Well said.

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Great post Dogs Deserve Freedom :)

Ms recipe


Yes.. dogs deserve freedom title is right. and I think you get more readers than if it was Owners need to be responsible. hee hee


Flo said...

I found your blog through Adgitize and I knew what you meant without reading your explanation. I saw the title of your blog and a post or two and figured out exactly where you stood. Guess that's why I'm so good with dogs, I allow them to be themselves and read them without putting my own junk on them. Great blog, keep it up.

Eurodog said...

Yes, I agree. I must admit that the more I am involved with dogs the more I despair of my fellow humans.
Most dog owners do not have a clue about anything to do with dogs.
I think you are so right to put your thoughts in writing. It helps and must reasure you that you are not talking to a brick wall.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I'm glad you guys understand what I mean ... with the emails coming in, I wonder sometimes if I've strayed off the path I had originally started walking with this blog.

Momoko - I've heard that ... interesting that you would bring it up though. It's something my hubby and I were talking about just last week.

Eurodog - I agree. I try not to think about that though ... otherwise I just get too darn depressed! I wonder how humans are able to screw things up so badly?

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Flo - welcome to the pack. Glad to have you reading.