Saturday, April 4, 2009

Monthly Followup March

March followup


Beware of the Dog

On March 2, I posted a blog entry called "Beware of the Dog". It was about a children's game that I found while wandering through the toys section in a department store that I was rather upset about. I told you all I'd let you know what happens when I approach the store (after I stopped ranting enough to put together a sentence without swearing).

I went into the store and asked to speak with a manager regarding a problem. When I finally found the right person to speak with regarding this issue, I was told that I would need to submit a written letter to them in complaint before they could consider removing said item from the shelf. This of course did not impress me in the slightest.

I have submitted my letter but have not heard anything hopeful. I will keep you in the loop if anything changes.


Top Comments

I was thinking about how to encourage people to post their opinion and comments (I know you all have them and would love for you to share!). There are so many people who leave comments regularly, and I would like to thank you all for your readership and continuing support.

I would like to point out and thank the person who has commented the most this month by posting a shameless plug for her blog. The person I'm singling out is GoLightly. Please note that GoLightly has two blogs, GoLightly - Fiction and GoLightly Fiction, BeginningToEnd. Take some time in the next day or two to swing by and drop her a line!

As always, I look forward to reading everyone's comments and will be eagerly awaiting them during the month of April!


Foster updates

Thought I'd put up a quick update on the foster(s). I know a few of you out there are interested, so I thought I'd keep you up to speed.

GSD pup is doing well. Dog aggression is mostly gone and fear of humans getting better. No weight gain - can still see her bones through the long coat ... Found out we have quite an infestation of ringworm. That's fun. She still doesn't like to be touched, but she's learning. At least she's not trying to bite humans anymore. Small blessings, eh?

Biter is with us now. After assessing him, it seems that he simply has some self control issues. He has one bite under his belt that sent someone to hospital (face bite) for stitches. Really his only problem is that he's jumpy and mouthy - a bad and sometimes dangerous combination. A bit of food aggression, but nothing that can't be worked through. I won't be keeping him for his rehab - he's going to a rescue where he will be fostered, retrained and adopted out. I try to foster the ones no one else will take and if a rescue is willing to take him, than that opens up a space for one more here. He'll only be with us for a few more days.


Change Your World Challenge

I wrote a blog entry on March 6 and gave you a Challenge. Said challenge was asking you to do one thing during the month of March to change your corner of the world.

Did you do it? If you did, what did you do to change your corner?


Followers and BlogRoll

I want to let you know that I decided to add a link in my blogroll to any animal related blog that is written by one of my followers. Thought it might be a nice courtesy. If you want to add a link on your blog directing people here, feel free to do so. I don't know how long I'll be able to do this since it may slow down pageload time. If it starts to slow it down too much, I'll have to stop and pull any blogs that haven't been updated for long periods of time (I will assume they are no longer in use). If it is still too slow and this doesn't resolve the issues, I will change it so that a limited amount will be shown which means that only the blogs that have recent posts will be displayed. We'll see which works best.


GoLightly said...

Well, if that isn't the nicest thing anyone's ever done..
I'm blushing. Big time..
I figured I'd get a razzy for the most blathering, or something..

You have a great blog, DDF.
Mine is just about the aimless ramblings of an old animal-crazy red-head.

Okay, I'll stop. I'm, well, thanks.

I'm off to read if you had any other poison-proof tips for me. My "professional" dog-trainer told the class, way back when, that we'd have to sign up for another session, to get that poison-proof info. BUT, she'd already scared the crap out of Blaze, so I just "winged" it.

Keep hounding that store. Is there a link you can post, for us to write to?

Oh, the challenge? Heck, I'm always trying to change my corner of the world. I think my (only) positive attribute, is I'm so freakin' nice to people in real life. All the regular places I go, the service people love me. I am polite, friendly and courteous to service workers. They don't get that too much. I try to make them laugh, or smile, every time.

Can you help me convince my crazy north neighbour to stop breeding a litter of GSD pups every year??

The guy is unbelievably crazy. Scary, crazy.
I do not do well, with scary crazy...

To the great work YOU do.
and thanks again.

I nominated your blog for the bloggers choice awards, BTW, yesterday.

Highly deserved, in my ever humblest opinion:)

GoLightly said...

Good grief, did you hear the Toronto story today??

Masses of animals, locked in a shed, with no air, ventilation, light..

Oh, those poor critters...

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GoLightly - I suggested some things that will start you out regarding poison control. I will put together some more suggestions and post it tomorrow.

Regarding your neighbour ... you could try reasoning with him, but that probably won't work. Is the dog AKC/CKC? Does he sell the puppies? What is the conformation like on her? While you might not be able to reason with him since he's crazy, you could try to rationalize with him.

If he's selling the pups to "make some money" you could tell him better ways to breed. Thing with people is that some will NOT be deterred from breeding but what you can do is convince them that there are ways to do it well.

Convince him that if he was able to register the pups or if one of the parents had won *something* than he would make more money. Plant the seed. Then next time you see him, tell him about so-and-so who sold their pups for $1500+ and all because the parents had won some titles.

It won't convince him right away, but it may make him re-think his methods. Keep in mind, it all depends on what is the reason that he breeds her. To make some spending money? To enjoy the "miracle of life"? Whatever the motivator, once you find it, use it.

Yes, I heard the TO story. So very sad ...