Thursday, April 30, 2009

Post Exchange - Your Car Should be Cold

The environmental experts this year are suggesting that it's going to be really hot out in the summer. I remember my first car - no heat, no AC, no floor ... lots of exhaust inside ... ah ... the "good ol' days". Not now! Now I always make sure I have air conditioning!

When I take my dogs out with me, I always make sure the AC is running properly in my vehicle. I figure that if I find it warm out, then my dogs must be overheated. Two of them are long haired and it doesn't take much for them to be too hot. Remember this when you're out and about this year with your canine companions.

Here in Ontario, we've already had a few days at 23C and if it's that warm outside then that means the inside of your car is WAY warmer! My sister lives in Tennessee and she said they have the AC on already.

When you take your dog out and about with you, please remember their comfort too. If you don't already have auto air conditioning (AC), consider having it installed. I don't know much about cars, but I do know that you can get an air conditioning compressor online at


Barb said...

Here in Texas, AC is practically required (and I use it pretty much all year long). But in the past, like you, I've had cars without and can vouch for the fact that on a hot day, even with the windows down your dog will be uncomfortable.

And that of course, is with the car MOVING - never LEAVE a dog in a car on even a slightly warm day!!

One other thing - the color of the car does make a difference. I usually choose light colors because they keep the car a bit cooler. But nothing works as well as plain old white!!

Angus said...

From May to September the best advice is go out in the car v.early or v.late. Here in Italy where aircon in cars is a recent luxury from 1st May on the hours of 11.00 AM to 5.00 PM are considered a no go area for dogs in cars.

Splash said...

Second what @Angus says. Weather here in California is just like southern Italy,, and it is legal for police to break your windows to assist distressed animals. Then, when you get back to your car, they arrest you. :)

There are two products I can recommend though that help keep the car cool: VentLock and the silver mesh tarps. You can get both from Clean Run. I use them when at spring/fall trials and they keep the car substantially cooler.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! My puppy (7 months) experienced his first couple of hot days at the Dog Park and he was hot as soon we got there but he was lovin' the A/C in the car!


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Barb - sometimes it's hard for me to even imagine what it's like in places like Texas because your weather is so different from ours! I look at AC as something that you don't turn on in your house until late June and you turn off at the beginning of August! I use my car's AC a lot more though for obvious reasons.

Angus - Never having been to Italy, I am not sure of what the weather would be like. Are the police/animal cruelty officers allowed to break into your car if you leave a dog in it?

Splash - I believe authorities are allowed to break your window here in Ontario too if they believe your animal is in distress. I haven't heard of those two products, but I will look into them!

Chase / Alyson - your pup will get used to it eventually. There was someone who was talking to me about puppies born in summer vs winter and their ability to withstand the different extremes being linked to what time of year they were born ... I'll have to see if I can dig some of that up. Might be interesting...