Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Featured Rescue - Rusty the Shar Pei

According to the AKC, the Shar Pei "is an ancient breed that is usually aloof and standoffish with strangers, but devoted to his family". I have found that this breed is often mis-understood more often than not.
This is Rusty. He's a young male Shar Pei located in LaSalle, MI and he's looking for a new home. There are currently 1,594 Shar Peis listed for adoption on Petfinder.


melgeo126 said...

Aww, we hope you find your new home Rusty!!!

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Shar Pei's can be awesome companions...truly devoted to those they love. I can remember 20 or so years ago, when sharoies were relatively new to the US. GAWD!!! They were expensive!!! Now the shelters are overflowing with them, because idiot people, breeders and buyers, don't do the research or understand that getting a dog is like having a baby, except they never grow up.

Ah, but I am preaching to the choir, again.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Preach away if you want. Or disagree with me. Doesn't matter to me - I want honest opinions from people.

I remember when they were a really big hype. Many people wanted one and they were in every dog magazine, book and calendar.

You're right - there are so many in rescue now! Again ... the ebb and flo of popularity in the dog world.

Patricia said...

We adopted a six year old female Shar Pei just last Saturday. She looks just like Rusty! It's the first purebred Shar Pei we've had. She's wonderful. She's not aloof or standoffish at all, although I know those are breed charateristics. She's friendly to everyone and everything, affectionate, sweet and perfectly behaved. While temperament may vary it's worth noting that Shar Pei are about the easiest dogs to housebreak and they're truly averse to having accidents in the house. They're also not big chewers. Rusty might be able to make some family very happy. I know that we're totally thrilled with our new addition.

Eurodog said...

Once I had a Sharpei in the puppy class which was the most vicious thing I have ever seen. The handler was very good and very patient. He followed a few classes and did not return. To this day, I wonder what happened to him?

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

ZenYenta - that's great news! Thank you for sharing. I'm glad that your new addition is faring so well.

Eurodog - thanks for posting your thoughts. I too have heard of some real aggressive Shar Pei's ... Do you think he gave up?