Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Asshat Rant - Craigslist Rehomes

It's been so long since I did one of these posts ... I almost started to feel like the world was filling with more responsible owners. Guess I just haven't had time to look through Craigslist recently. Yep, the asshats are still out there.

The first ad I'd like to take a look at is a 9 month old Red Nose Pit - Free to Good Home. People, please remember when you are writing these ads that if you don't put a rehoming fee, you raise the chances of a broker picking up your dog ... especially if it's a puppy. What kind of person do you really think will come get your free pit bull pup?

That being said, I want to point out the person's reason for getting rid of the dog. Apparently they can't keep her because they have no yard. Seriously? Ok, unless you've moved recently, I doubt your living situation has changed that much. If you did move recently, could you not think up a better excuse? There are many dogs I know living quite comfortably in apartments ... are you just too lazy to walk and exercise your dog? You know that your dog would be perfectly happy with a little crate training, a lot of exercise and a bit of one on one time with you.

I would love to send this guy a note that says: "Congrats, you are the first noteworthy Asshat I found today. You win a prize ... come a little closer so I can smack you upside the head."

I thought I'd find an ad from Baltimore since I featured it as a news reel last week. Here's one that just makes me wonder at the laziness and lack of empathy in people today.

This person who posted the ad featured to the right is trying to give away their 10 year old black lab for free. Ok, there are so many issues with this ad that I don't know where to begin.

You all know my opinion about senior dogs; I don't think owners should rehome their senior animals. Life sucks. Yeah, we know that and everyone in the world has to deal with it. Get over yourself if you think that you're the only one who works long hours and lacks time to spend with family. News flash - your senior dog is slowing down and doesn't have as much energy as he/she used to. Senior animals can be the best companions - did you miss that lesson? They are often just as content to sit with you and watch a movie as they are to go for a long walk (sometimes happier with the movie). After working a 12 hour shift, I know I certainly don't feel like going out for an hour long (+) walk ... I go anyway, but that's because they need me to walk and I need to get off my lazy behind.

So here are the issues with this ad: One, why are you giving away your 10 year old lab? Two, do you know that she probably only has another couple of years in her? How heartless. Three, she's black. Have you ever heard of BDS (Black Dog Syndrome)? I know you didn't mention it in your post, but please don't dump your black lab at the pound/shelter if you aren't able to rehome her - you may as well just euthanize her yourself. Four, if she's so well behaved, why are you giving her away? Five, if you are giving her away for free, who do you really think will pick her up??

Asshat. People dumping their senior dogs infuriate me. Asshat. Asshat. Asshat.

The last ad I chose because I want it to give us hope that even in dire circumstances, there are good dog owners out there! They may be hiding in the guise of Asshats, but I know they exist! They just don't often show their faces on Craigslist ... Ok, I don't think this person is one that I would call a "Good Dog Owner" ... but how about an "Asshat Owner With Potential"?

It is an ad requesting information and help. Ok, so seriously, you are an asshat for not neutering your dog earlier. It not only would have been cheaper, it would have been easier for the dog and he probably wouldn't have been marking in your home.

Yet, we have to remember that even in the face of extreme asshattery, people can change. I'm impressed that when this poster realized the cost to neuter was high, this person actually started looking at different options. They didn't get rid of their dog, they have instead tried to figure out how they can keep their dog, resolve the situation and still make ends meet.

It's like putting a pillow under your head before smashing it on the desk. Hope comes in different shapes and sizes.


mytwh said...

I have an Asshat story! And I need to vent. Lucky you :)

My husband and I adopted a dog from the shelter last Friday. Yesterday (Monday) I sent his picture to some dog lovers at work to show off my new man. I get a response from one about how cute he is and then she says, I quote: "Hey spread the word – I may be a grammy on 6/3!!! Zoey and Jakeman got together and we may have Yellow Lab Stiffs !!"

Needless to say, I was stunned. I didn't know what to say, so I finally asked, "what are you going to do with the puppies?"

Her response..."I dunno"

I DUNNO??? WTF???? I'm so pissed right now. I want to send her a link to petfinder and show her the 185,000+ dogs currently need homes and she's breeding lab/mastiffs and she thinks it's a good idea???? AND she DOESN'T know what she's going to do with the puppies????? I just don't know what to say to her...

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

i can barely stand to look at craigslist, anymore...rarely do I see an intelligent, caring ad with the animal's welfare in mind. I don't know how anyone can pick just a couple examples of stupidity and ignorance.

GoLightly said...

Darn, can't read the last one:(

Not that the first two were exactly shining examples of people.

No yard. All of a sudden, after nine months of owning the puppy, poof, no yard.
Poor puppy. She's becoming a dog, most puppies worst crime.
Poor senior dogs, same thing. Oh, you require some extra love/attention?
out the door. We want a new PUPPY!

stoooopid people.

DawgDyke said...

You should photoshop an asshat award and email it to them!!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

mytwh - ugh! I know how that feels. Yellow LabStiffs ... great ... that's JUST what we need. More lab mixes! You could send a link to petfinder and its many pets, but know what would hit home more? Find some LabStiffs on petfinder and print send her links to them. People pay more attention when its personal. There are 19,995 Labrador mixes on petfinder today.

GSC - You're right! It is hard to pick only a few. Like you say, there are SO many! If they weren't on CL, they would be somewhere else. I often peruse CL to see if there are any dogs of interest - I usually know a few people who are looking and I'm always keeping an eye out for the right dog to come our way. Sometimes I keep an eye out for people threatening to drown their cats if they can't find someone to come pick them up - we do have a barn and there is always space for one more.

GoLightly - sorry, word-for-word, it reads:

"I have a male dog who is marking in the house - he is not neutered yet, and my vet suggested we get him done, at a cost of $300. Wow - I had no idea! A friend suggested I call the Humane Society - she said they offer certificates to get your pets spayed/neutered for FREE. Can anyone verify this?"

Dawg - that's a great idea! I'll have to work on that ...

mytwh said...

DDF-I thought of doing that! I was just so mad yesterday that I couldn't even think straight. I'd really like to make her go to the shelter and see all the dogs there that need homes. I left there crying because we could only take one. Asshat. Bring MORE dogs into the world, more mutts (not that I don't love mutts) but we don't need more! GAH!!!

Oh, for fun reading, try www.unclehenrys.com it's Maine's local source for fun ads. Such as the full-time college student who's also employed full-time and is looking for a new home for her 4 month old pitbull that she "doesn't have time for". Then why did you get her?!?!?! It's the middle of school term, did you really think time would suddenly appear once you got your oh so cute puppy? GRRRR...I really hate most people.

Rebecca said...

Ugh, Mytwh, I feel your pain about the coworkers. Geez.

And college students can be absolutely the worst when it comes to pets (I'm a full time college student involved in rescue, so I can say that ;P). College is the first time they are living independently, so they immediately want to do all the stuff they couldn't before. They are impulsive, and don't think ahead, even worse than the average person because they lack life experience.

Soooo many college students will buy (or occasionally adopt) an animal at the beginning of the semester, only to discover that they don't want it anymore by summer. The shelter always fills up in our 3 college town at the end of semesters, especially at the start of summer classes. :(

"There are many dogs I know living quite comfortably in apartments ... are you just too lazy to walk and exercise your dog? You know that your dog would be perfectly happy with a little crate training, a lot of exercise and a bit of one on one time with you."

So very true! A friend of mine used to live in an apartment with 5 perfectly happy, fit, well-stimulated Border Collies. Admittedly she was exceptional, and most people wouldn't go to the lengths she went to keep her pups pleased, but most people wouldn't have 5 BCs in an apartment either. :P
A ton of even decently sized cities have dog parks now, so lack of land is not an excuse.

Not to mention, people with backyards have to exercise their dogs too (shocker!!!). They come home to a young Golden Retriever whose only exercise is a little bit of solo play in the backyard and wonder why he is so destructive/hyper/neurotic.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

mytwh - I will check out that link later today. I haven't had time yet to go.

Rebecca - Thanks for sharing your observations. I think we've all heard the "full time student" excuse to get rid of their dog/cat/horse/etc. What you mention is interesting and may explain some of the reasons why we see so many students dumping.

I don't know if I would have the energy for 5 BC's in an apartment, but kudos to that person! Yikes - I could just imagine ... It drives me crazy when I hear about people who can't be bothered to walk their dogs because they get exercise in the backyard - though the owners can't understand why he chews their floorboards. ARGH!

keoko said...

Hey MYTWH - not sure who you are but I would appreciate you getting the story straight before ranting online about something you know nothing about!

My 8 year old French Mastiff named Zoey may be pregnant by my best friends Yellow Lab Jake. However, this was not planned at all. My animals are like my children and I take very good care of them. I chose not to subject my dog to surgery to make it convenient for me. Which has worked for 8 years. The male accessed my property and literally took seconds and they were latched. Absolutely NOTHING I could do.

I am nervous, because my baby who is up there in age really should not be placed in this situation; unfortunately it happened.

Based on your comments - what are you suggesting? Bring my beloved dog in for some form of puppy abortion? Seriously!

This dog is my life and I take very good care of her and am not into dog breeding of any kind. My dog was a Valentine's Day Gift to me - and she is an animal and doesn't deserve to be treated poorly by people who claim to be animal lovers because there are pure breeds in the world.

The comment about "I dunno" was referring to the question of what was I going to do - meaning "sell" them or "give them away".

When your in this situation - one who is willing to pay money for an animal is usually not an impulse purchase and has thought about the long term commitment an animal requires.

Just giving them away to people who see "free puppies" and they think they are cute - usually end up tied to a tree out back or in rescue shelters (if they are lucky).

Please stop reading out of context and judging people without all the information.

I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they are treated like Kings and Queens.

So please focus your attention on people that neglect animals.