Saturday, January 24, 2009

Black Dog Syndrome - BDS

Yesterday I posted a letter written by a shelter manager that mentioned black dogs (it was not the main topic, but they were mentioned). I said in my post I'd discuss BDS. I wonder how many of you picked that up? I wonder how many googled it?

Anyway, BDS stands for Black Dog Syndrome. It is proven fact that black dogs in shelters are overlooked more often than any other colour. Black dogs are the last to be adopted - even if their temperament is better than the dogs of other colours!

The general public tend to look at black dogs with disgust, fear and superstition. Because of their low adoption rates, black dogs tend to be euthanized more often (in kill facilities). Why? Simply because people don't want a black dog.

There is a web site that dedicates itself to the public awareness of the plight of the black dogs. It is called Black Pearl Dogs and this is the link. Take a few minutes to educate yourself about the BDS. When you've done that, take another few minutes and educate others about it!

The more who know about this, the more we can educate others and the more chances those dogs have.


GoLightly said...

Yes, I know of BDS. It's such a tragic prejudice. Talk about racism for canines.
My dogs are black, and it never ceases to amaze me how non-dog people recoil from them, as my girls smile and grin and wag..

Eeek, blackdog is baddog.

Actually, no, they're NOT!
Great post, as usual..

Mel, Foxtail Farm said...

Huh, I'd never heard of such a thing. Weird that black dogs and cats are disliked but black horses are romanticized. Someone one needs to write some best-selling novels about a black dog!

So do black-and-white dogs have the same problem, or is it confined to all-black dogs? I should probably read the linked article; it probably answers that.

OldMorgans said...

I have never heard of that. Knew about if for cats, but not dogs. Most of my dogs were black or black & whites. Maybe that explains the popularity of golden & chocolate labs?
Just weird.

RedDeerSeeker said...

I haven't heard of this before... but it doesn't surprise me. It is just soooo sad I am heartbroken. I was just browsing kijiji, and noticed two ads for free puppies....both were shepard cross, mostly black.....and large breeds to boot.

GoLightly said...

The vet I'd been using for my red dog, with no issues, immediately wanted to muzzle my new black dog. Red Dog had way more bite than new black dog ever will.
This was a vet!!
eeek, black dog. The techs went all weird too. I went back to my old vet after that..

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Well, the more who are aware of this, the better? Maybe. It's sad to see BDS - and GoLightly is right - it's not just in shelter environments, it is everywhere.

Mel, I believe it depends on how much black there is to white. It also depends on the perspective of the persons involved.

RedDeerSeeker said...

I wonder if it is as bad for small black dogs???

GoLightly said...

Eleanor, yes, it is. Black is not a desirable colour. Big, or small.
I'm afraid the day I got my Rusty, there was an adorable small solid black spaniel cross in the shelter. I liked her a lot, but she didn't like me. The card on her cage, said "Mrs. So&So doesn't want her anymore." Poor thing.

I went with the dog that was glad to see me. WonderDog Rusty. But I chose her on temperament, not colour. Never understood the colour prejudice, myself.

Leigh said...

I never knew that, quite interesting. Ugh, maybe I have that same prejudice, my dogs are white and tri-color. I'll have to remember to chose a black dog the next time we adopt.