Saturday, January 3, 2009

Training Rant ... PVC Collar?

Per a comment on the last blog entry, Rocky and Lacy found this blog and was concerned about a collar that was used on a dog (no, the blog owner did not use it, just posted about it). See picture to the left.

Yes, it's made of piping. It is approximately 36" long and the circle is about 4.5" in diameter.

This collar was found on a dog about the size of a lab. The dog was found on a highway wandering around. There has been much speculation about what this collar was used for. I'm sure you can imagine the condition of the dog and its neck after the collar was removed.

If you wish to read the full details, you can find them on the above mentioned blog.

To the right is a picture that shows how the collar was fitted and uses a dog about the same size and shape of the dog that was found wandering around with the "collar" on.

If anyone has seen this sort of collar before, it would be interesting to know what it is used for. Living in "Farm Country", I've seen all sorts of crazy things and ways to control your dog.

Was it a punishment for something?

Was it simply to prevent the dog from slipping through a fence?

What do you think?

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Dog_geek said...

Yikes! I have no idea - I've never seen anything like that before either.