Thursday, January 29, 2009

News Reel - Agility and Babies

I'm a bit down today - went looking for a good story in the news about dogs and all I could find were bad things. I won't get into detail. So, I have settled for two different articles for the News Reel today. One is new and the other is not. Thought I'd brighten up the place a smidgen

The article that is new (click for article) is about the American Kennel Club Agility Invitational (click for link to website) where some unlikely K9's were competing. There's some neat comments about a bulldog and a bernese mountain dog ... not really the sort of breeds you'd expect in an agility competition. You know, this is becoming more and more common -- to see breeds that are not standard agility dogs competing (like border collies). I think it's great to see so many owners out there teaching their dogs fun stuff.

The article that is old (click for article) is a heart warming one. Makes you all warm and fuzzy inside - so I thought I'd share it. The headline reads "Dog protected abandoned newborn" and it was published on Aug 23, 2008.

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