Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Featured Rescue - Dora and Zoey the Siberian Huskies

I should post a rescue Siberian Husky today since I posted about the Kijiji BYBer. I'll post two - one a puppy since that's what the BYBer was offering, and the other an adult because they're harder to place.

Please note that Siberian Huskies are NOT easy keepers. They are difficult to kennel, hard to crate train and have to have a certain amount of exercise to keep them happy since they have so much energy to burn. There's a saying in some dog circles that if a kennel is Siberian-proof, than you could keep any dog in it (some people say the same about GSDs).

First I'll post the pup. This (right) is Dora 'the explorer'. She's 4 months old (which is approx. 16 weeks). The ad says she was surrendered by someone who could not keep her because of the high energy level she has (which is typical of the breed). She's very cute and even looks nicer than the ones listed by the BYBer.

Second I'll post the adult. This (left) is Zoey. She's just over a year old, was bought from a breeder (why do they know this but don't contact the breeder??) in March 2008. She knows basic commands - I would assume that means your basic obedience of Sit, Stay, Down and Come (though to assume makes an assoutofyouandme).

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