Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Exchange - Havaheart Deer Off

Here I go again with a post exchange ... I'm trying to be pretty picky about these things and only posting the ones I think are worth while doing. This time I'm featuring "Deer Off" which is a product made by the company Havaheart. Let me tell you a story first ...

Two years ago my sister called me up and told me she planted a garden. This was her very first garden ever and she was trying really hard to make it work. She planted all her favourite vegetables; peas, beans, tomatoes, corn ... the list goes on. I was actually quite impressed at how large her garden was (for a first time gardener). She was so excited. She called every week for an update so we knew that she was watering every other day, we knew when she saw some little shoots coming up and oh, they are peas. She told us about how she had to weed and were these weeds or veggie plants?

Then, the worst happened - I'm sure you can guess! Yep, you got it. When her pea plants were around six inches tall, the deer found them! They jumped the fence she had put around her garden (big, ugly orange safety fencing) and had eaten her plants! All that was left were short little stems coming out of the ground. She was so sad and so disappointed.

She hasn't planted a garden since. I am wondering if this Deer Off product would help her? I will have to let her know about it. She can go to this website here to find out more details about how deer repellants like this work and why they are effective. There are also resources found here about deer and different methods to control them.

Please remember that I don't encourage anyone to use any methods that would harm the deer or any methods that may be considered cruel. This is why I will be encouraging my sister to use products that are simply designed to encourage the deer to look elsewhere for their food.

You will notice that on the product page here you can find many deer repellants. Many are simply bad smelling products that won't harm you or your animals. There are organic-compliant products on there as well if you are looking to reduce toxins in the soil of your garden.

Keep in mind that if you choose to use the infra-red, motion activated sprayer you should turn it off when you go to weed your garden!

I wonder if this product would also help keep dogs out of the garden??


Anonymous said...

Hey a few years ago my mother was having difficulty with the deer so I purchased her some Coyote Urine from the local Agway store, well, guess what happened. It attracted Coyotes. Next time I'll buy the tiger urine. I'm sure that there are no tigers in the northeast USA.

Oh and by the way, my daughter and I went to the humane society today to get a pet and there were only three dogs. Tons are being adopted. What's that trend about?

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Ripperdoos - Did it keep the deer away? That's pretty funny though ... a great way to prevent spreading chemicals I guess? You're right - tiger urine might be better ... so long as it doesn't attract any cougars ... I wonder if they would come calling?

Congrats for going to the humane society for a dog! That's good news. Regarding the trend ... adoptions are picking up now and will continue to grow until it peaks in June. Then in July it will begin to drop off again. Try going to various shelters and adoption locations - do you already know what breed you're looking for?

Zayelion said...

wasn't sure where to post this, make it easier on ppl doing the post exchange by using SPACES for your anchors!

Love the site, ppl need to train there dogs more.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we got a new dog. Did not get her from the pound but found her on Craigsist. She was one of four dogs and the owner couldn't afford the vet bills. She is a 6 month Lhaso Apso, my daughter named her Cookie Dough and she is a sweetie.

Have a great day!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Melissa ...

That's awesome news!! Congrats!

The dogs on CL are in just as much need of a home as the others. If they don't find one while listed in CL, then they may end up at the shelter (or worse) so you did a good thing.

Will you be blogging about her?