Monday, March 9, 2009

News Reel and a Challenge

As always, I believe that we should keep in touch with the news and current events. I find that sometimes I get so wrapped up in work, juggling my volunteering hours and the dogs I'm training that I forget that there is a bigger world out there and there are many animals in need of help, not only the ones I see.

Keeping up to date with the news reminds me of this and strengthens my resolution to fix my small corner of the world - one dog at a time.

In Montreal, Quebec a dog was locked in a car for 19 days and SURVIVED. Talk about stubborness!! The little poodle is now 9 lbs! The scary part?? The owner received a $100 fine. Check out the article here:

In Pomona, CA last week, 40 dogs were seized and a woman named Filberta Lopez faces animal cruelty charges. Sounds like she's another Puppy Mill operator shut down. Read the article here for more details: Note that this wouldn't have been possible if the man who went out to purchase the puppy had remained silent. Instead he took it upon himself to change his part of the world.

In Shelby, NC three dead dogs were found chained to trees in a forested area - abandoned, without food. Sylvia Short has been charged with animal cruelty, but she is claiming they were not her dogs. Props to the man who found them and actually reported them instead of looking the other way! True, he was a bit late for those guys, but maybe this Sylvia woman will be found guilty? We could hope she won't do it again ...

In Blum, TX hundreds of animals were seized Thursday and Friday afternoon from a man named Greg Brinkley. They were removed from what had begun as a rescue and turned into a nightmare. Most of them were horses. In this instance, neighbours and passers-by contacted authorities when they became concerned about the welfare of those animals.

On March 1, 2009 the OSPCA's newest Animal Protection Law came into affect. To read about the strongest animal protection laws in Canada, click here to go to the article. True, residents have been waiting a long time for this. True, the laws could always be tighter. It's better than it was, though. One step closer.

Some interesting events, no? Remember, you may not be able to change the entire world, but you CAN change your corner of it!

I would love to put forth a challenge for this month, but I don't know how well you guys are going to receive it? I'm going to put it out there anyway, feel free to call me crazy.

What if each one of you out there reading this blog changed one thing in your corner? Maybe it's something that only takes a few hours one day on a weekend, maybe it's more.

Would you be willing to make the effort to change your world? And if so, what would you do? Would you share it with us?


LuLu and LoLLy! said...

Wow! You sure said it right on this. When someone takes action, it DOES make a difference, and every ripple forms an ocean. This post is AWESOME and we posted it at the top of our Special Features / Resources page. Outstanding. Thanks for the extra motivation. THANK YOU! L&L

Dawn said...

Thank you for this post - it was awesome. Just passing this information on is a step! Giving thanks and recognition to those who were brave enough to speak up is a way to encourage others to do the same. We can only hope this trend of responsibility and awareness will continue.

Life With Dog Hair

Rebecca said...

Did you hear about the woman in Texas who had a bunch of papillons locked in her car?
It's crazy! Check out the photos. Although, hubby and I were seriously considering driving the almost 15 hours to adopt one. If they had done temp tests on them first we would have, but we can't bring home a critter from that far that could be aggressive with cats. Not with two old cats and one kitten that thinks she is a dog. :P