Friday, March 27, 2009

Personal Rant - Asshats All Around Me

I was going to publish the aggressive dog post I've been working on (and re-writing multiple times), but unfortunately I am a bit too pissed off to post it. Sorry. It is coming, just not ready yet.

I got home last night from work to find that our Quad was stolen. Ok, I should have noticed it was gone yesterday morning when I got up, walked the foster dog and then went to work ... but come on! It's morning time! I'm lucky not to put my shirt on inside out most mornings, let alone notice that things are missing from the yard!!

You could see the tracks where they put it into neutral and pushed it out onto the road and then up onto a truck. We called the OPP. Get this ... they took a statement over the phone and wouldn't even come out to see for themselves! Typical.

The OPP guy said he thinks he knows who is doing this and there has been a rash of ATV's stolen in the last month. I think that's a line, that he has no idea and doesn't want to sound like an asshat, but that's my opinion.

No, they don't care to see the ownership papers. No, they don't need a description other than the license plate number and model. No, they don't need to look at the tracks in the mud that clearly show the Quad being pushed onto another vehicle. No, they don't want to know that it requires repairs. The list goes on.
I won't tell you how impressed I am with that. A friend of ours is a retired cop, so we called him to find out what the policy and procedure should be from the OPP. He said we may as well go buy a new one; the only thing the OPP needs to do is submit paperwork. Once that is done, they have done their job. Great. Thanks.

Yes, it should have been put away into the barn, but it wasn't and now it's gone. To say the least, I'm a little cranked. The best part? It keeps overheating and actually requires a specific part that can only be purchased from a dealership (we've been trying to find the part elsewhere since last summer since the dealership is way over priced - can't find it anywhere).

The insurance company won't cover it because it has too high HP. We needed to insure it separately, just like a car (fee starting at $500 per year). Yeah, right. That's going to happen. May as well buy a new one every few years at that rate.

Yes, I'll admit it, we're asshats for not putting it away. Was I the last person who used it? No, but that doesn't mean that I couldn't have put it away when I saw that the last person left it out. Remember, it only takes one instance of laziness to get kicked in the butt. If you complain about being kicked, you have only yourself to blame.

Anyways. I'm pissed off. Mostly with myself because I should have put it away (you want a job done right, do it yourself). Maybe now is not the best time to go parusing through CL ... I don't know if I can be tactful today ... but I just can't resist.


Splash said...

Yup. My neighbor had 3 sprint cars taken, then a few weeks later his daughter's car had a window broken out and stuff taken, then last week more car windows smashed.

The police officer did come out. But the first thing he said was "you don't live in Citrus Heights, you need to call Sacramento County PD". When he told the officer that he was indeed in CH, and offered to call the mayor, the officer then said, "well I wouldn't live here, too much crime", or something to that effect. He didn't even bother to get out of the car!

If burglary is no longer a crime, why won't the police just admit it.

My neighbor called his supervisor to make a compliant, and also local councilman.

I'm lucky in that I haven't had any problems. But I keep everything locked up nice and tight, I have an alarm, and a lot of inside dogs. I like my odds.

GoLightly said...

Yeah, the crooks are getting more brazen, I agree. No consequences. Cops are too busy with I don't really know what.
Crazy people, probably.
word verf is shmetegi
What a schmozzle, sorry to hear that.
We had a neighbour with a dirt bike on his front "lawn", stolen in broad daylight, I saw the theft, got the license number, same darn thing.
No Big Deal. grrrrrrrrrrr

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

It's disappointing the opinion that authorities are beginning to have with B&E's (break and enters). It's not overly encouraging. Perhaps because there are so many now. I wonder if they are expecting this more now that people are losing their jobs and EI is running out?