Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Asshat Rant - Exercise? What's that?

I didn't have to go far through CL to find this one.

To the poster: Do you really expect me to take you seriously? You have, in 4 sentences or less, just confirmed many people's stereotypical opinions both about young parents and pittie owners.

Good grief. I wish I could reach out and smack this guy upside the head. What an Asshat.

First off, that is one killer run-on sentence. Perhaps you could check your grammar and close some of those open clauses. Do you understand the greater subtleties of the use of periods?
Do you know what I see when I read a post like this? Let me show you what my read between the lines version is like. Please note that my comments are in red.

7 month old female pit good with kids since she hasn't bitten one yet but very hyper because you're an asshat and haven't bothered to do a thing with her, NOT house broken why not? i got her about a month ago In the month you've had her, how much training have you accomplished? Can she do any basic obedience? If your answer is None or No to either of these questions, you FAIL. and she is just not working out because you can't be bothered to get off your fat ... youknowhat ... to train her properly. Asshat. she is too hyper why don't you exercise her so she won't be bored? Please refer to my post about The Hyper Dog for more details. for my 9 month old baby WHY in the world does this matter for your 9 month old baby? Please tell me you aren't asking your baby to train your dog? Maybe that explains some things ... *HEADDESK HEADDESK* and my landlord cannot get liability insurance for her because she is a pit Do you realize that liability insurance for a dog is an optional thing which most landlords insist on when they find they have an Asshat tenant who can't be bothered to train their dog. They are able to use it as a way to prevent their tenants from keeping dogs that they know won't be trained properly. A great way to protect the landlord, not so great way to deal with the dog..... rehoming fee.. her name is Bailey... I see you already have one dog in those pictures ... is it yours too? If it is yours, why isn't your landlord asking you to get rid of that one? i have vet papers for her, she is up to date on her shots till sep. of this year If you have vet papers and she's received her last Da2PPV booster + Rabies ... dare I ask ... has she been spayed?

Tell you what, if I could take your dog for 3 days and prove to you that the problem is you and not the dog, would you give her another chance? Probably not.



GoLightly said...

Oh, my, gawd..

Nice pictures, love the chains, both dogs are chained, gee the dog is hyper, Oh, crap.
I hate some people..
They have a nine-month old baby.
More's the pity..

Wonder if the baby is housebroken yet?

shane rocket said...

this makes me want to SCREAM. and these idiots have bred- 9 month old.

nice chains. asshat.

Anonymous said...

Would you really want someone this ignorant to 'give the dog another chance"?

License people, not animals....

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Anon made a good point - I don't think I would want the asshat to give the dog another chance