Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CL Rant - Thoughts

Found this posting on CL and I thought it was well written so wanted to share with you all. This post was published after a big to-do in the Austin CL. There was quite a lot of name calling and bashing going on out there - I found that it was rather humorous. Some people just want to add some drama to their lives and this is how they do it.

Click on the pic to read the full post or check the original post here. I feel more strongly about people who allow their dogs to breed 'by accident' than the person who wrote the CL post. Personally, if you couldn't be bothered to spay/neuter your pet than you need to take full responsibility for it. What else did you expect to happen? It's not like your dog will come and ask your permission to copulate! But again, that's my opinion.

It is good to remember some of these points when parusing CL (or posting to it!), though I think I probably wouldn't have contained myself quite so much had I written the post. Hope it gives you a chuckle as it did me.

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