Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wonder ...

You know, sometimes the world throws us curve-balls and I'm on the fence on this one.
Here is a poster who seems to genuinely be looking out for their dog. The person claims that this dog needs a temporary home for 3 weeks, comes with food and supplies, and that they will return and pay the person who takes the dog upon their return.
Part of me wants to believe it.
Part of me is screaming that in this time of turmoil, cutbacks and layoffs, it is a scam.
I wonder that this person might be trying to dump their 14 year old dalmation ... yes, it happens - and it doesn't matter if they are purebred or not. I've seen people do this before with other purebred dogs.
What do you think? Will the person come back to get their beloved dog after the 3 weeks?


GoLightly said...

My cynical side says it's a scam.
An obviously over-weight Dal, probably with health issues?

I hope it's the truth. For the dog..

OldMorgans said...

She can pay someone to take him but not pay a Pet Sitter to come to her home. Or pay a neighbor kid and parent to come feed. It doesn't cost much to pay a neighbor to come feed a dog once a day. Lots of questions...


I agree.. as much as you want to believe the best in people, I think it's a scam to dump the poor dog. How awful.. IT's hard in this economy but there are other ways to go about it.



Almost forgot.. thanks for visiting. I would be delighted to share links with you. I am going to follow you now.


Anonymous said...

14 years old is very old for a Dalmation. I think it's a scam, you are right about financial woes. Probably easier to leave it with someone and not have to deal with the pain of the dog passing and the cost.

eleanor_rigby said...

I beleive the person. If they just wanted to get rid of the dog, they would drop it at a shelter. I truely beleive they want the dog back.

Everyone jumps to assuming the worst. Saying that the person wants to 'dump the poor dog', and scam someone, rather than pay someone to come in once a day to feed the dog(which would be cruel in my opinion).....Personally I feel that this dog is one of the lucky ones. Someone cares enough to obviously feed it well, and has taken the time to write an ad and try to find somewhere for the dog to stay. It would be easier for them to just 'dump the dog'.

Am I the only one who beleives this person???????

eleanor_rigby said...

Oh....I don't think he's purebred...It says dalmation lab???

LuLu and LoLLy! said...

UGH. OldMorgans made an outstanding point regarding pet sitting ... or for that matter, boarding if they are really going out of town. This is definitely a potentially Two Paws Down situation, which is our way of saying again, Ugh. L&L. ps We have added you to our subscript

Eurodog said...

Hello from Eurodog.
I finally managed to add a link to your blog in the list of blogs I read!

Thoughts said...

My instinct is saying this is bullshit and this person is dumping the dog.

GoLightly said...

Oh, Eleanor
I'd like to believe in the good in people too.
I just wonder, with the 3 weeks, TheN I can pay you. I've heard that before, in business.
99.9% of the time, it's BS.

My heart is with that dear old dog. People, well, I've never understood them. Still working on ThaT.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GoLightly - The fact the dog is overweight gives me hesitation. Makes me go "hmmm?" Often people associate food with love. More food shows the dog how much they love him/her. I hate to say it, but I would be more likely to believe this story from an owner of an overweight dog than one with a healthy weight.

NorwoodUnleashed - I've added your blog to my blogroll.

I agree with the comments about finding a sitter. Personally, I find a friend to house sit and live with my furry/feathered extend-a-family. Often I can find someone who is happy to do it for free or a minimal fee (often a young person who wants to get away from their own family for a week). Maybe I'm lucky.

Ripperdoos - yes, 14 is old for a healthy dalmatian ... it is darn near ancient for an overweight one!

Eleanor - I wish I could believe them ... but I see such sad things each day just like this that I have become jaded.

eleanor_rigby said...

To me it sounds like a desperate person that is trying everything to AVOID 'dumping' the dog. To dump the dog, they would just drive to a local animal shelter and say they found this stray dog. are definately right though about people.....they can be a lot harder to understand than a dog is.

Who knows...hopefully the dog is being cared for either way.