Sunday, March 29, 2009

Featured Rescue - Cody the Akita

Why the Akita today? I don't know. Just in the mood, I guess. Today there are 821 Akitas available on Petfinder.

The Akita is a large breed dog that originated in Japan. According to Wikipedia: "Recent DNA analysis found that the Akita was among the most ancient dog breeds" Akitas in America are different than those in Japan as breeders have been encouraging different traits. Check out the link to ancient dog breeds - it's a pretty interesting little read.

This is Cody. He is 4 years old, 120 lbs, and reportedly a "victim of the economy". I would assume that means that the previous owners lost their jobs so can't afford to feed him anymore.


tula said...

hi Cody!
There's someone out there who will luv you. It happened to me! I'm a rescued Akita mix! My mom was looking for her fav breed on too.

You'll find a good home before you know it.

kisses, tula


I knew it! My cousin Tula just posted. She was a rescue Akita. Her mommie LOVES LOVES LOVES akitas. I hope Cody finds a good home soon. Beautiful.


GoLightly said...

Oh, dear. I'm afraid most of the Akitas I've met, I'd run screaming from. Neighbours of my brother got a female, just because they "looked nice". They had to re-home her, when she started using the toddlers (of course) as chew toys..
Not the dogs fault.
These dogs need GREAT training.
Not for beginner dog owners, not, not, not.

Anonymous said...

Cody, your shiba inu friends, Kyoto and Karinoe, hope you find a good home that understands us Japanese spitzes! We share the neighbourhood with TWO akitas!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Tula and Redstarcafe - glad you stopped by! Welcome.

Norwood, thanks for passing on the link.

GoLightly - I think certain breeds need a special sort of family. I used to have reservations about Akitas, but have learned a bit about them recently that has since changed my opinion somewhat. I think I may blog about that soon ...