Friday, March 13, 2009

Asshat Rant - Expensive pets

Here's a CL poster who got a third large dog from their friends who had a baby and couldn't keep their 1 yr old lab (who is NOT neutered). The OP has decided that "three bigs dogs are overwhelming and too expensive" ... no kidding? What was he expecting? Asshat.

There are so many people on CL trying to get rid of their dogs because the dog is "too expensive" and they didn't realize it would cost so much. When they see the "Free Puppy" in the newspaper or even the puppy at the pet store with first vaccinations ("what do you mean puppies are supposed to get 3 sets of vaccinations before their first year ... ?!") I don't think they really consider how much it costs to have a dog. Can people really be that dumb?

I think sometimes people forget how much dogs cost throughout their lifetime. Here's a chart to give everyone an idea. It's expensive to have a dog ... not quite as expensive to have children, but it's up there!

I have added "My Cost" in there based on getting a dog from a shelter - usually I end up with the ones who have their adoptions fees waived because of their "bad" behaviours, but I thought I should put a number in there anyway! I also changed all the My Cost numbers to reflect what I would normally spend on things (such as a new collar every year).
Keep in mind that this is factored over a 14 year lifespan and does not take into account any market inflation, etc. that would affect the outcome of these numbers.


Calsidyrose said...

Great Post about dog costs--I always tell my adopters to expect to spend about $500 a year on food, regular vet bills, heartworm treatment, 2 basic grooms (if needed), etc.

This figure is higher than your low-end one-year cost, but it isn't out of range for our area. My figure is based on the routine costs it takes to keep one of my dogs, and doesn't include treats, boarding, illness visits or the precription vet food that one of my dogs needs. And like you, I spend more to buy higher quality food.

Our basic office visit fee here in the Houston Area is $45.00 and that's before anything else--vaccination, meds, waste disposal, etc. Grooming a small dog (bathe, clip, nails, anal glands) is $35.00. Boarding is $18-22 per day.

And these are not the high-end prices at all. One of the boarding places in my area starts at $35.00 per day for the regular steel rack kennel space. People who aren't willing to commit to the cost-end of caring for a dog need to get a Fur-Real pup.

Keep up the good work!

GoLightly said...

Great post!

Worth every darned penny, they are..

eleanor_rigby said...

They might as well just post that they are complete idiots. I see these ads all the time.......One I've seen lateley is "We can't keep our Saint Bernard puppy because we aren't allowed big pets".....idiots.