Thursday, June 4, 2009

Featured Rescue - Ingrid the Chihuahua

It's been so long since I posted a Chihuahua as the Featured Rescue, so I thought today was as good a time as any. Anyone want to stab a guess as to why there are so many listed on (Currently 7,842 listed) The amount of Chihuahuas listed on Petfinder has not changed much since I first started checking numbers last year but the next 12 months or so will tell.

I was really worried when the Disney movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua came out in October last year. As I've mentioned before, when animals are featured in movies, tv shows, dog shows, newspapers (or are breeds chosen by "famous" people ... a good example would be the presidential dog!) there is an influx of people wanting to get them ... the sad reality is that about a year (or two) after this happens, you start seeing a drastic increase of that breed in rescues and shelters.

Today's featured rescue is a cute gal from Buffalo, NY named Ingrid. She is 6 years old, has had some dental work completed, and is spayed. Ingrid will soon be considered a senior dog but still has many years ahead of her. I hope her age doesn't deter people from adopting her.


Unknown said...

She is so cute, I pray that her age does not deter people either. I would adopt her in a heartbeat. What a sweetie pie.


GoLightly said...

Oh, what a sweet face.
I have a secret.

I love chihuahua crosses and "tall" chihuahuas.

They can be such cool little dogs, when they're started (and bred) right.

Husband would disagree.
What else is new?

Dianne said...

I saw your comment over at bermudabluez's place - saw the words Dog and Freedom and had to visit

It makes me nuts that people treat living beings as accessories and you're right about the flavor of the month folks who get a dog on a whim rather than researching what breed is for them

I have done cat rescue on and off my whole life and I used to transport dogs from one shelter to another for a small group in NYC - OY could I tell stories

anyway - it is wonderful to meet you
the world needs more and more like you

I'll be back

shane rocket said...

ohh ohh ohh is she adorable! I was only a big dog person until I got my two Humane Society wiener dogs with- in the last two years.

- they are now my favorite out of the dog farm!!!! I look at little dogs with a new sense of excitement...
I see the trend here as well at our Humane Society- stupid people. Like easter- few weeks after- we get more bunnies. idiots.

meemsnyc said...

Ingrid is adorable. It makes me so sad that people get pets because they see them in movies and tv.

Calsidyrose said...

What a cutie. This little gal looks like Sara I, who went to college classes with me back in the day and graduated from UCI, class of 1981 with her "dogterate."

My mom has always had chihuahuas (yes, in plural). Currently she has a 10 year old, a six month old puppy (to replace the 17 year old who passed in Nov 08) and does primary care for my sister's four year old chi. Then there's Bella, who isn't a chi, but who was my first foster dog ever in 2002--you know in the Foster Dog Person Handbook on p. 38 it says, "You will always keep your first foster!"

Hope she finds a great home. I hate it that six-year-old dogs are considered "senior" --I know they need a little extra TLC starting at 7 or so, but the little dogs don't get "old" for quite awhile if well-cared for.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Great comments and well wishes. We'll follow up with Ingrid in a few weeks and see how her journey is going.

GoLightly ...

I'll tell you a secret - even though I'm a big dog person, I like some small dogs too!

Dianne ...

Glad you stopped by. Hope to hear from you again soon! I'll pop by your blog a little later on and say a proper hello.