Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post Exchange - Pest Control

It's the time of year that people start working outside in their gardens and on their lawns. At my house, the apricot tree started blooming just this morning! The days are getting warmer and longer and the gardens are starting to flower.

I begin to wonder at this time of year what people do with their pests? How do you deal with them? Do you use resolutions like a pest control company that sprays? Or do you have other methods that you use?
Being in a rural location, we have constant problems with rodents. To resolve this, we ensure that the barn always has a barn cat or two (and we TNR them) and sometimes we have to put pest traps out in the house as well. Nothing worse than sharing your house with rodents. Unless you're sharing it with termites - yep, that would be worse.
San Antonio Pest Control is a company that deals with pest control. They help you get rid of pests.

This year when you are looking for ways to fix your pest problems, please keep in mind your pet's health. If you are poisoning the ants, termites and rodents ... what do you think it would do to your dog or cat?

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OldMorgans said...

Rodents of all kinds are a huge problem here. The ground squirrels are really bad this year. Poisoning them is always risky but when they start to endanger my house (chewing on stuff), I have to do something. They also get into cars, under the hood, and can do dangerous damage.
So far, I have not done any termite control as I don't like the whole deal. But I'll have to someday. No barn cats up here. They just become coyote or bobcat food.