Monday, June 1, 2009

Montly Followup May

May followup
Happy June!



Comments are growing each month. Wonderful! I am going to begin posting the 5 people who have commented the most. I do appreciate everyone's comments but I can't post every person!

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Photo Contest
On May 8 I posted an entry called "Photo Contest - American Greetings". American Greetings held this pet photo contest and called it the Furry Faceoff Challenge.
Did anyone enter this? You could vote all the way up until yesterday (May 31st). If you did, let us know!

Make Mondays Matter
On May 18 I posted an entry called "Make Mondays Matter". This is a new idea where you blog about things that you have done to Make your Monday Matter. It is an idea that I read about on a blog by MrsZeee.
How are you Making Your Monday Matter?


mytwh said...

Thanks for metioning me. I don't have a blog, just read everyone elses! :) Maybe I should put something in my profile though...

This may seem like a weird Make Mondays Matter, but my vow is to be patient and calm when dealing with the new dog D. I usually am but Mondays are the worst for him since it's the first day after the weekend. I do get frustrated with somethings (refusing to sit or listen to commands) but I've made a vow to be patient and calm tonight and more understanding.

Unknown said...


YEAH I'm a FC.. frequent commenter. I enter the Furry Face Challenge and Bruce the Cat did too!


GoLightly said...

Oh, cut that out.
You have a great blog!

I make Mondays matter by not shooting everybody down.
I'm kidding.
I mean....
I pay taxes...
I'm super nice to people on Mondays.

Wow, word verf is
I am not!!!
I just WORK there.

GoLightly said...

Monthly, btw..

spell check police, over and out..

Here's my

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

HaHa ... Montly ... ArGh!

Monday Mornings are never good for me :)

*headdesk headdesk*

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Spell Check doesn't work on the "Title" bar ...

OldMorgans said...

Make Mondays Matter--
Since Monday is the second day of my "weekend", I get to stay home. This gives me time to contemplate various things. Yesterday's contemplations have me feeling liberated from some negative energy and much more balanced today.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Norwood ...

"Frequent!" That's the word I've been looking for! I seem to have had a mind block regarding this topic because once my brain thought "Top", it wouldn't go anywhere else. I knew that wasn't the right word, but couldn't figure out why. Good grief ... I need a vacation!

mytwh ...

That's a good MMM pledge. He's just testing the boundaries when he refuses - he'll come around if you keep working at it calmly. Something I found really helpful is taking them places that are totally new - like to the local park and climbing (while in a heel) all over the equipment there. Stairs, slides, planks ... all great fun. I know it doesn't sound like it's related to Sit and Command refusal, but it usually is.

OldMorgans ...

I remember having Sun/Mon off for my weekend - I actually preferred it to my current Sat/Sun. I found just about everything in town was much more pleasant when there were no people around! (Shopping, Banking, etc)

Sounds like you're good and relaxed and ready to start the work week.