Monday, May 18, 2009

Make Mondays Matter

Mrs Zeee has a challenge on her site that asks everyone to blog about how they Make Mondays Matter. Since there is such a bad rap that Mondays get, the challenge is to go out and make Monday a positive one.


A quote from Mrs Zeee's site of examples of ways you can Make Mondays Matter:

"Some examples: volunteering, helping a friend move a sofa, donating time or a few dollars to charity, hitting the gym, spending QT with the kids after school, recycling, buying locally grown produce, calling dear Aunt Betty or, for some of you, just rolling out of bed and putting on a clean shirt — congrats!"

What did I do to Make Monday Matter? (Other than the daily volunteer work?)

I set up the pens for the new birds coming in this week and I also started planting all the warm-weather seeds in our vegetable garden (with the help of the rest of the family)! We will have fresh veggies, eggs and meat this year. Talk about locally grown food, eh?


Thoughts said...

Strangley enough, you might still have a prob with your blogroll., Its showing that I havent posted in two days when, in fact, I posted twice this morning. Weird...


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I'll take a peek at it this morning. THanks for letting me know Jaime!

Angus said...

Hi.Thanks for your post and mention of Wilf and Digby. Saw the kind mention you put up a couple of days ago - I tune in every morning and will keep on doing so.