Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Post Exchange - SearchEngineRankingsSystems

Well I couldn't pass up this opportunity; it's specific to dog training! "Search Engine Rankings Systems - Train Pet Dog" was the name of the opportunity (minus the spaces).

There is always a lot of discussion when it comes to training one's pet dog. There are those who strongly believe that "This Is The Way To Train A Dog." Period. No discussion. Then there are those who believe that every dog has different things that "drive" them to perform or learn and that you should use what you have.

I think both are right. Now, hold off on those rotten tomatoes and lettuce until after I've told you why!! I don't think in the all or none capacity. I try to keep an open mind (as best I can!) when it comes to training and am always willing to learn new techniques - provided they work and don't do more damage than good!

I think that both styles will work given the proper circumstances, the proper training and the right dog. One trainer I know uses the exact same model for each and every dog. This works for most aggressive dogs I've seen, however it sure didn't work for my dog! He specializes in aggressive cases and he taught me a lot about how to deal with those ones.

The flip side would be to teach based on breed. Some say, for example, that all Border Collies learn the same. I don't agree with that either because it is an all or none statement. You could say that most Border Collies will respond well to specific types of training with common motivators, but not all will react the same way.

Anyway, enough of my blathering! Here are some links from this opportunity that will take you to specific info for different breeds. Check them out. Tell me what you think! Who knows, maybe we can find some interesting little tidbits of information here.

Australian Shepherd
Great Dane
Bernese Mountain Dog


mytwh said...

Interesting site but they don't have my breeds :( I have a beagle/boston mix (I didn't expect them to have mixes of course) and then our new shelter dog is a Pit Bull. They don't have any info on American PB's. Oh well, fun to look at. I read a little about stubborn dogs which my PB is! The site is interesting if you want to learn about other breeds.

Splash said...

That site is a bit strange, loads of typos and grammatical errors, which leads me to believe it is either not in the USA, a troll site (?), or just not written well.

I read the Labrador section (of course!), and I disagree with most of it!

If someone is interested in a Lab, send 'em here to read more (gotta love the APDT):

On another note, I am totally excited, the ADPT conference is in San Fransisco this fall. Just a short Amtrak/BART ride from me! I am completely wound up about seeing Bob Bailey, Jean Donaldson, and my new hero, Sue Sternberg!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

mytwh, I couldn't find my guys either. All mixes. Not to mention that they don't have a purebred 'whoknowswhatsit' in their database either. I did look up the individual breeds though and found the info interesting.

Splash, I wasn't able to find many typos ... but there are a lot of pages that you can't load unless you're a member. I figured it was probably not written well, but maybe that's just looking on the bright side.

You'll have to tell us how the ADPT conference was on your blog!! Sounds so very interesting ...