Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Post Exchange - Myx-It-Up

I was parusing around and stumbled on this post exchange for Myxitup and I have to say ... what an interesting blog! The first post I read was titled "Swede indicted for hacking NASA computers". Fascinating read. After reading this, I decided that I would take the exchange.

I'm sure by now you all know that I'm a "computer-tech-by-day" and an "unlicenced-volunteer-canine-rehabilitator-by-choice" for the rest of my time. My day job can be quiet and busy at the same time which is nice to allow for contemplations like this. So, when I came across this post exhange I was pleased because I was pretty interested in its content.

I like the style the writer uses because they don't use all sorts of technical terms (I hate reading an IT related site that is FILLED with acronyms!) which means that most people could actually read it and understand. Surprising in and of itself.

If you are interested in computers, I would recommend this site as much for entertainment value as information (rare that you would find both in a blog!).

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