Sunday, May 17, 2009

BlogRoll Cleanup May and Thanks

You might have noticed that some links have been added and some removed from my BlogRoll this weekend. That is because I have removed those blogs whose authors haven't posted for over a month or two.

There are a few exceptions to this and those are the people who I know come and comment on my blog regularly. For those who comment, I have kept your blog on my blogroll regardless of how often you update (though I do enjoy reading your posts, so please keep on writing!).

If you have an issue with this and your blog is one of the ones that I have removed, please let me know that you are still interested and I will put it back up. I will be keeping an eye on it though so if you do want me to put it back up, I hope you will update it more often and / or comment here on some of the various posts.

Unfortunately, I can't post each and every blog out there that is animal related - it just wouldn't be feasible.


On a different note, I would like to extend my thanks out to Angus over at Life in italy and other musings..... for posting an entry about this blog. If you're looking for a blog to read about dogs, go check them out! Angus, I appreciate your readership and I enjoy reading about your various adventures!


Lacy said...

w00fs', me prolly needs to do the same thing, heehee me gots the google reader thingy, the rss feed thingy and the friends list on my bloggie..and mama sumtimes not update our bloggie like she shood, but me guesses me will keep her..anyways have a good day..

b safe,

GoLightly said...

's true. Eyes can only read so much, and then my dogs start on with serious rumblings of neglect.

It's mind-bloggling.

Unknown said...

Still around and very much alive here! Spring cleaning is a must -even in blog land.