Monday, May 25, 2009

Make Mondays Matter 2

I thought I'd publish another Make Mondays Matter for this week. I really like this idea from Mrs Zeee - a great way to start the week! I did some thinking and decided to tell you about something we did that lasted the entire weekend, not only Monday.

This weekend we dog-sat a friend's dog. They were going away for the weekend and needed someone to watch their four legged family member. They asked us to do them a favour and see if we could figure out why the dog is doing certain behaviours and give them an idea how to resolve them.

- Jumping
- Mouthing
- Over-Excitement
- Pulling on Leash
- Not Listening

Day 1 ... Jumping when meeting people; verbal "No" correction was given and leash tug by handler. No Mouthing. EXTREMELY submissive with dogs. Overly excited about everything (birds, cats, dogs, outside, farm animals, etc)

Day 2 ... No jumping. No Mouthing. Submissive with our dogs. Submissive with people. Warning Barking to dogs/people. Fear biting with one of our dogs - could have been bad. Still pretty excited.

Day 3 ... No Jumping. No Mouthing. Not submissive with OUR dogs, but fearful of all others (took her to petsmart to "test the waters" and stood outside in the parking lot). Warning barking turns to lunging to biting if too close. Backs away from people and barks at them ... shows other warning signs with body language. If can't get away, will lunge at people. Not so excited ... exhausted!

At the end of Day 3, we took her home. We talked to the owners and gave them some ideas how to resolve these issues. So there you go. There's my Make Mondays Matter for this week; I helped someone out by dog-sitting their pup and investigating issues.


sen and qi said...

I will pass on this blog to both my Sisters, they both have doges and this would be a useful little resource for them. Keep blogging. I found you while adgitizing.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

thanks sen and qi! I hope they come by.