Monday, May 11, 2009

CL Rant - OT Raccoons

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. We spent some good quality time with family this weekend; flowers and cards and hugs and kisses (oh my!) for the moms as well as dinner. I was reminded again how great my sh!thead dog is with kids (the permadog that is still in basic training). He reminds me that just because a dog isn't great on one side of the trianing, doesn't mean that they aren't on the other. I'll have to put a blog up about kids, disabilities and dogs ... I will try to remember (some days my brain is like a seive). Anyways, Happy Mother's Day everyone.

I found this ad on CraigsList today. I know it's off topic, but I thought I would post it anyway. I hope you can read it when you click on the picture.
I wanted to remind everyone that it is ILLEGAL in Ontario (and probably other places too!) to keep a wild animal in your care for more than 24 hours if you are not a licenced wildlife rehabilitator. Now, I'm sure this person had great intentions and I applaud them for their efforts bottlefeeding these little ones ... but PLEASE don't post that you have them on a free internet advertising listing!
Good grief! You'll be lucky if you don't get reported to the authorities for this one. If you don't? Would you like me to tell you what people do with raccoons when they have dogfighting dogs in training? How do you know those raccoons that you have lovinly bottle fed for the last few weeks aren't going to end up in a cage or tied to a post in the centre of a dog training arena?
Why doesn't she call a wildlife rehabilitator? Or perhaps she could call a vet who could refer her to one? There are some great ones I know of that deal with reintroducing wildlife to ... get this ... the wild.

Please use some common sense people! *headdesk headdesk* Why am I always asking people to use this? Is it not part of the basic training we go through in elementary school?
In some ways, I do hope that the MNR reads this lady's post and gets those babies out of there because I'd hate to see where they may end up.


Rebecca said...

She even says that you aren't supposed to keep them as pets. >.<

I could understand people not necessarily knowing how to find a wildlife rehabber, but any vet should be able to point them in the right direction. I would think a vet would be one of the first stops for any who finds an "orphan" animal. *Sigh*

shane rocket said...

*shakes head* at the stupidity of some... :)

GoLightly said...

Poor critters. They cannot catch a break.
I've seen people Hand FeedinG them, in Sunnybrook Park.

Great post.

Raccoons are carriers for all kinds of wonderful cat and dog diseases, of course..
A vet could/would/should have handled it.

(puts hand up) I have a dog like that! Hello, Flip. She could kiss kids all day, and make them laugh.
Listen to me? When she's busy? not so much.

two, really.
Blaze is still figuring me out.
Poor thing. She's a little snarly puss when meeting dogs on leash at Rona, new behaviour. She's not that friendly:(

Flip? Always, always friendly. Not so much in control, though.

They are always in training, aren't they:)
Well, really, we are.

is the weirdest word verf. yet.

Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

She's taking a huge risk. Those things can really hurt. They are wild for a reason. They do not make good pets.

MrsZeee said...

This is an important message. Thanks for visting and I look forward to your MMM next week. tw - I will add your name to the linky bc I think this post is important to put out there.