Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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I have found that there are so many people out there who foster animals that don't have any record of them. I know one lady who has fostered uncountable cats and dogs over the 20 years she has been opening her home up, but she has no records of them. She has a few pictures, but that's about it.

From the discussion I had with her, I suggested that she keep a scrapbook about the animals and she has been considering it. The problem with scrapbooks is that you may lose it if there is ever a disaster in your area (like fire, flood, etc.). Also, you can't share it with others which means that others won't understand what a rewarding experience fostering can be.

For those with more computer experience, I tend to suggest a different route. Why not keep an online journal about them? There are companies that do web hosting which means you could make a web page about it for a minimal fee. Web Hosting Geeks looks to be a pretty good place to start looking into this as it is a site that will give you reviews and pricing on different hosting companies.

The site also provides information About Web Hosting, latest News About Web Hosting, and other great stuff.

Web Hosting Geeks is a great site that will provide you the stepping stones to success if you are planning to document your times, travels and experiences. Or perhaps you are looking into setting up a pet related business?

I suggest to anyone who fosters or volunteers with animals to document it because in 20 years, you will want to remember them.

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