Thursday, May 7, 2009

Monthly Followup April

April followup


Beware of the Dog

On March 2, I posted a blog entry called "Beware of the Dog". I last I told you was that I had been told to submit a letter to them in complaint before they could consider removing the toy from the shelf. I submitted my letter but never heard anything from them. I went into the store about a week ago to check in and found that the toy is no longer available on the shelf. What a heck of a lot of loops to jump through just to get a toy removed from a store!! Since I haven't heard from the store after my letter, I don't know if that means they pulled it off or if they just hadn't restocked their shelves.

Some of you asked what store had the toy. The store name is Zellers. I will be checking in other big name department stores through my travels for this toy and I encourage you to do the same. If ever you see something that you don't agree with in a store, there is no shame in letting the managers know that you don't feel it is appropriate or unsafe (etc). At one point, I will also be writing a letter of complaint to the toy company ... I just haven't had the time yet.



This month there were more comments than ever before! That's awesome. There are so many people who leave comments regularly, and I would like to thank you all for your readership and continuing support.

I would like to single out one of the top visitors because I can (which by the way is counted based on the comments you leave). There were three top visitors this month, but I want to only feature one person each month (is that a shameless plug to get you all to come back and comment or what?) The plug this month is for GiantSpeckledChihuahua. Please note that GiantSpeckledChihuahua updates a blog regularly called ummmm. Take some time in the next day or two to swing by and say HI!
I will be trying to send out messages to everyone who commented in the next week or so. Even if you left only one comment - I appreciate your feedback! I look forward to reading more comments in the month of May!

Places Your Dog Can't Resist
On April 25 I posted an entry called Places Your Dog Can't Resist. In the post there was a link to an external website that was a compilation of ... yep - you got it ... places to take your dog. The company that was running this offered to make a donation to the Humane Society of the United States for each entry of 5 or more places submitted with a maximum donation of $500. I am pleased to let you know that they successfully raised the money they were aiming for.
Congratulations everyone who submitted an entry - you're helping change your corner one step at a time!

First HateMail

Something else to note (not that it matters all that much to you guys, but it was entertaining to me so I thought I'd share) is that I received my first hatemail. I had honestly expected to get one much earlier, so this didn't surprise me. The one I received was regarding my post from April 1 called Mail Bag - Alabama Man Accused of Shooting Dog. There are the two comments, but I'm referring to a nasty email I received from the person. Guess I really ticked them off, eh?
Ah well, what are ya gonna do. If you don't like my opinion, don't read it.
If you email me something you want me to comment on, I will probably blog about it and I will comment ... but it will be my opinion. If you want to blog about your opinion, start your own blog.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Hey thanks for the nod! I like visiting your blog, you always provide food for thought.

Thoughts said...

You know your blog is going somewhere when you start to get hate mail. Trust me. Good for you!

Stick to your guns like you always do. Like you said, if someone has something THAT important to say, they'll start their own blog.


Sigh said...

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Splash said...

Nobody reads my blog, so I don't get hate mail. I choose to think of this as a good thing. ;)

Splash's mom

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GSC - my pleasure. I enjoy reading your blog, though I don't have as much time as I want some days to read many

Jaime - no kidding, eh? Now the next one won't be so surprising! The first always catches you off guard. I want to ensure that I don't corrupt this blog into something that I can't agree with. Ah corruption ... it's lurking around every corner.

Sigh - I'll check that out.

Splash - I read your blog, but I don't send you hate mail. Truth be told, I don't always leave comments on every blog I read (not just yours - many others as well). I could send you some if you would like? :) Don't really know what I would say ...