Sunday, May 31, 2009

Herding Instinct Test

Here's a bit of personal news ... the potential adopter (PA) of my foster dog (FD) wanted to take her to a Herding Instinct Test. I thought that was a great idea since the FD has spent the last month or so trying to figure out how to herd my ducks.

Unfortunately, when the PA called ahead to see if there was space, all the spots were filled (pre-registered) and there was already a waiting list. So they spent the day together last week and went to a herding lesson with a friend of ours. While they were there, the FD apparantly wouldn't take her eyes off the sheep. Because of the lack of spaces in the public testing, the teacher offered to do an impromptu test right then and there (which of course, she passed with flying colours). Hooray!

So there you go. This dog who was aggressive, shy (resulting in fear-biting) and "untouchable" is now going to train to herd (I'm not surprised, but that's ok). I'm pleased with this and I think the FD will really enjoy it when she starts.

On another note, I've been working with someone to teach them how to work with dogs and I got her to take the dog that was supposed to be next on my list. She worked for a few weeks at the kennel and now has the dog at her house. I'll have to keep a space open here for the next few weeks just in case things go downhill for them and I have to take the dog without notice. This is good news because I'm starting a super intense dog training course next week and it will allow me to focus on that yet still support this new person and the dog. It's going to be exhausting after working a full week at the day job!


Mandy Southgate said...

That is a lovely story! I love it when dogs learn pride and how to be good at something! It gives them such confidence.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

All great news... I rescued an Australian Shepherd. She had gone from home to home to home a few times over. I showed her sheep, just one time, and she realized what she was born for and never tried to herd humans again.

I'm humming the McDonald's tune, "you deserve a break, today" because you do!!! And you got two, that's awesome!!

GoLightly said...

Great news, allthewayaround.

It's funny, my Blaze has zero interest in herding.
I think she got a retriever gene by mistake.

Flip will herd anything, as long as it isn't sheep. Flip got beat up by experienced sheep at her early herding trials, which is how I ended up with her.

Keeping fingers crossed that the newbie will hang in there with the dog, and that you aren't completely exhausted by the course you are taking.

xemefex said...


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DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Emm ...

Glad you stopped by! It is nice when they learn something and really enjoy it. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

GiantSpeckledChihuahua ...

That's great! I wish the foster had figured out that she is supposed to herd "Sheep" and not everything else! I have to admit that ever since she went on sheep, her herding of everything has increased drastically. She is herding everything now - not just the ducks. Yesterday was the 3 year old who came over to visit, ducks, the other dogs, people and the Riding Lawnmower! Yikes.

GoLightly ...

Yikes! Hopefully you didn't have your heart set on herding? I've heard of sheep turning on the dogs, but usually found that the dogs are that much more focused and determined!

My fingers are crossed ... toes too!

xemefex ...

No, I wasn't aware of that. To be quite honest, I hadn't really looked into it.