Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News Reel - Rabies Outbreak in China

This is an interesting one ... again I haven't heard anything of this so feel like I am living in a bubble here!

NW China campaign against dogs highlights legal loophole in animal welfare

Turns out that there has been a big rabies outbreak in China and "city government ordered that all dogs in rabies-infected villages be killed. More than 34,000 dogs were killed as of June 11, according to the local government"

"As of June 12, about 8,600 people had been bitten or scratched by dogs and 12 had died of rabies"

Take some time to read the article. It's really interesting. I have found that sometimes governments look at the most controlled way to keep the people safe. They have to take into account the asshats out there (similar to what causes a need for BSL ... but that's another day's post!) and they have to ensure they are able to keep the innocent people safe.

Once you have read the article, post your comments and thoughts ... how would you resolve this issue to keep the population safe?


GoLightly said...

Oh, I can't read it all the way through.
Howza about those gall-bladder tapped bear farms?
Dogs are a food staple. Would vaccinating those dogs help?
Maybe vaccinate the people, or stop farming them for food, or...

Hey, easy for me to say.
Whole other world over there.
China has a totally different outlook on animals. All are edible, all are expendable. None have "souls". Few are treated with kindness and respect.
Slaughter really is slaughter.
'cept Pandas.
It's a completely different attitude. Hard to change the entire population's attitude, especially when they are hungry.

Plain scary about the rabies.

Population Control.

mytwh said...

Wow, so sad that all those animals have to die just because don't/won't get their animals vaccinated.

Go is right though, it is an issue of their society. Until their attitudes change towards animals, even passing a law to require vaccinations won't do much good.

All those dogs. So sad.

shane rocket said...

wow... :(

OldMorgans said...

GoLightly said it very well and did it before I got here. China is a whole different world. Their human rights is right down there with the animals'. No easy answers here.


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

what goes on here is shocking enough, but the USA doesn't touch alot of other places when it comes to animal cruelty. No easy answers, there, no answers at all... the government there does about nothing for it's people, they sure aren't going to do anything for the animals.

We're talking about dogs, here, but the problem goes further and deeper than that. They don't mention livestock, that will end up on the table. Or won't as the case may be, or if it does how rabies will infect the butchers and handlers of the meat...

I dunno, I can't get my head around this mess..

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I've never been a fan of China (or Spain) and never plan to spend any tourist dollars there.

Seems like vaccinating and humane euthansia would be a better solution... but then government in general has never been very good at doing much of anything.


mytwh said...

I kept thinking about this last night. Now the Rabies is one issue, but how exactly are they killing these animals? The article said that one was beaten to death and then left in a pool of blood. It gives me shudders. If you're not going to vaccinate your animal, at least have the balls to give it a peaceful end. This whole stoy just upsets me so much. It really shows how much more advanced we are than a lot of other cultures, IMO, but then again we have our own shining examples of humanity here (sarcasm). Sometimes I don't know how to deal. I adopted 1 dog, but it doesn't feel like enough. There are always thousands more than need care and love. So sad. So so sad.

Sorry for the rambling, this just really got to me.

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