Monday, August 10, 2009

CL - The Truth About Daisy

Ok, so after a week of off topic and halfassed posts (sorry all for the lack of enthusiasm on my part) I am ready to get back at it. I found this on Best Of Craigslist and wanted to share.

Why did I choose to post it? Because it is a GREAT reminder that ads are not always what they seem. Note that the OP says she has listed the dog multiple times on CL trying to rehome her with various sob stories.

I am posting this because I want people to think of it when they are reading a post on CL (or any other advertising page) trying to rehome animals. There are always hidden agendas to be aware of and you are taking your chances. (That said, you can find a multitude of wonderful pets on CL looking for new homes.)


The Truth about Daisy - ItalGreyhound/Chihuahua Mix 4 a Good Home


Okay, so I have tried to get rid of my dog like six times on craigslist over the past few weeks. I tried telling this story of woe about this adorable little dog and how I love her so much and how she was a rescue and all that. I explained that now with a 2 year old daughter it is just too much to have two dogs and how my family and I need to simplify cuase we live in a condo and life is hard -- so sad. All of this is pretty much true and I tried to make the language in my past postings as well without spilling the beans about what the real story is with this dog because if most people knew, there is no way they would take this little freak.

Like I said, everything described above is for the most part true except for the part about me loving her so much; I don't. I hate her. And while many who meet her find her very adorable, the truth is, this dog is seriously problematic.

So after having tried to post something nice about this dog in my attempt to rid myself of her, I am now going to just be brutally honest and hope that there is some freak out there who will find it an appealing prospect to own and care for a poo eating, garbage toppling, pill popping (literally a whole bottle of prescription pain killers), disrespectul, not trained at all, constantly under-foot, marginally violent, always surly, rarely happy, eating and begging machine.

Below I have compiled a list which is only but a sampling of the things Daisy does regularly that makes her truly the worst dog I have ever owned. I would go into detail, but she is not worth the time.

Daisy is the worst dog in part because she:

1. Eats poo -- baby (as in diaper -- see below), chicken, human, cat, dog, etc.

2. Drags poo -- as in she brings it inside, such as the diapers that used to end up shredded to pieces on our bed

3. Eats garbage -- Any trash can and its contents left in her reach will be toppled and destroyed

4. Opens the refrigerator -- I have to have a velcro strap on it to keep her out otherwise she will open the door less than 30 seconds after I leave and eat everything in it

5. Is mean -- Simply put, she has no use for people, unless of course they have food

6. Will not die -- run over by a truck, $2,500 and 8 weeks of intensive recovery, run over by a buick and rolled 7 times right in front of me then got up and ran to my car and hopped in the seat happy as a clam and no injuries

7. Rolls in dead animals -- Seals are her favorite it seems, but dead rotten earthworms are a close second place for her

8. Constantly, constantly, constantly begs -- I cannot write the word constantly enough to adequately make the point

9. Growls, threatens to attack and at times does -- Mainly tied to her small size and constant fear of being squashed, thankfully her teeth are dull as posts and her bite, which is rare, is harmless

10. Not at all obedient -- Will not sit, stay, or come (unless food is involved, but that is hopefully clear by now)

11. Picks fights she cannot finish -- This then puts our other dog at risk cause he goes out to protect her when she has conered a cat, skunk (yes twice) or whatever else she comes across

12. Has serious gastrointestinal issues -- Primarily related to her constant begging and eating of garbage, scraps and poo

13. Injures self often -- In addition to the major issues mentioned above requiring surgery and extended medical care ($6-9K so far) she also has a bad leg which is just an ongoing thing that does not need to be addressed the vet says

I thought it fitting to stop at 13 given how unlucky I have been to have this dog in my life. These are just a few of the key flaws I could come up with off the top of my head. There are many more which I could list, but I am hungry and I need to cook my steak now. It is a steak that she will have no part of, I promise you this.

So there it is. The truth about Daisy. I hate her guts. She has put me through hell in the past couple days especially and I am now at the point to where if I cannot find her a good home by Monday, I am taking her sorry fat ass to the pound and leaving her with a sizeable donation to cover the pain and suffering that they will have to endure by accepting her.

While I do very much hate this dog, I do love animals and don't want her to suffer. My daughter who is only 2 also loves her very much and I could not look her in the eye if I did not do a good job of finding this rotten wretch a home that I knew was going to at least care for her and make her comfortable. This is why the pound is my last option.

You however, can be Daisy's hero. Save her from the life which I know I am in many ways at fault for creating. I know it is a life where she is not happy and my family and I certainly are not happier becuase of her. I know I should not have adopted her from that nice animal rescue in Filmore all those years ago. I should have put her in obedience school; should have, could have, would have, oh the regrets! boo hoo.

Be that hero, in the words of Michael Jackson: Make that change. I dare you.

If you can't take her, help me find some poor sap that will.


GoLightly said...


Oh, snerkle, that's good...

I mean bad.



LilliGirl said...

WOW! I am speechless.

OldMorgans said...

I don't know whether to believe this or just laugh. If true, how sad for the dog. If not, then someone has a real sarcastic humor thing going.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I wonder where Daisy is now... in truth, a dog like that would be better off euthanized. Otherwise she will end up being passed from home to home, shelter to shelter, abandoned or worse. sometimes we just have to make those decisions, it's what's best for the dog if one looks at the big picture.

Not saying Daisy doesn't deserve a chance with a miracle-working rescue. Ha! I've taken in dogs that needed a miracle, I have one now. God knows there aren't too many people who would put up with her crazy self...
That's why she had 6 homes before ours, and the 6 homes is probably a good part of the reason she is as crazy as she is.

Best part of our story? she's also my medical alert dog... She's going nowhere without me, ever again.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I would hope it is one very dry sense of humour ... that is the way I took it.

Under the right circumstances/guidance, this dog could turn out to be a wonderful companion.

mytwh said...

Wow. I really don't know what to say after reading that!!!! I wonder if it's true. If it is, it's pretty sad.