Saturday, August 15, 2009

News Reel - Carlisle approves dog park lease

Good news for residents of Carlisle, PA. Looks like they're getting an Off Leash Dog Park. I hope they remember to install some water there ...

Carlisle approves dog park lease

"Carlisle area dog park advocates now have the land they need to develop an off-leash facility in Shaffer Park."

From the sounds of it, they are going to make a separate area for small dogs. I have a bit of trouble with this ... it's generally the humans that have problems with allowing their small dogs to mingle and play with the big dogs in the park. I've found that the dogs themselves are usually quite content to play with others regardless of the size - provided the dogs are brought regularly to an area where they are allowed to socialize with dogs of different sizes. I suppose the humans aren't going to get over their issues any time soon (look at how many people still have issues with people of different origin!), so a separate area for small dogs is probably appropriate.

Congratulations Carlisle residents!

Don't muck it up.


Dog_geek said...

Gotta disagree about small dogs in the dog park. It always makes me cringe - not only can small dogs be easily injured by casual play with big dogs (seen it too many times) but they can also easily trigger prey drive in an amped up large dog (seen it, hope to never ever see it again.) Some big dogs are very good about handicapping themselves to play with small dogs. Others, not so much. And you will get both kinds at a dog park. Sure, there are individual large dogs that are safe to play with small dogs, but if I owned a toy breed, a dog park full of large dogs I don't know definitely wouldn't be worth the risk.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good point