Friday, August 7, 2009

Monthly Followup July

July followup

Happy August everyone!
Whew! July was crazy busy for me ... I don't know about everyone else? I am looking forward to August. So far it is turning into a good month where I can catch up on some things that have been waiting.
Top Commenters
I try to give a little link love to the top commenters here on my blog every month so here are the top 5 from July.
GoLightly Author of GoLightly - Fiction and GoLightly Fiction, BeginningToEnd
LilliGirl Author of It's a Great Life...
shane rocket Author of rocket ramble; my dog farm; dogs against vick; rocket video
Splash Author of Splash's Training Diary
Thanks to everyone who participates and comments on by blog. I appreciate your opinion, rants and suggestions! Keep 'em coming.
I want to share a blog with you by Flo from Feathers, Fur and Fins. I've had a lot of fun recently reading about her exploits working on a big rescue and adventures at the dog park. I think many of you will like to read her posts too. Take a peek when you have some time this week and drop her a "hello"!
Blog Roll Cleanup
I've changed my blogroll around a bit. It shows only the most recently updated blogs. This means I can keep everyone's blog on there and I don't have to delete any, but only the blogs with updated entries will display.

I have it set to show only the 25 most recently updated blogs. I hope this is ok for everyone. This is an attempt to clean up a bit and to keep pageloads quick.


Flo said...

Well thanks so much for the link, I appreciate it. Tomorrow it's off to the dog park again, what will happen this time :)

A Mom's Choice said...

I really enjoy reading your blog it's a wealth of information for pet lovers and haters for that matter. Hopefully it will help save an animals life. I despise anyone who abuses anything.

I am the one who asked you about the martingale collar awhile ago. I did find a Etsy seller that makes the martingale collars. The quality of her collars are excellent. I thought I would pass this on to you.

My Maltese poodle is the dog I bought the martingale collar and it's helping him so far. We've been using it for a couple of weeks, but were still having issues with him being hysterical with barking at other dogs and cats. I have a clicker for him. I'd really appreciate your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from harriet's to say hi!

sandy said...

I didn't realize you could do that with the blog log, the settings that is. Will have to take a look. Though I don't think I have as many as you; wanting a page to load quickly is something I keep striving for. Somedays it seems fast and others I can't figure out whats going on? I've changed my settings to show further blog posts on the front page, which I read somewhere is suppose to help? Sometimes I think it's just the silly internet and beyond our control.

Love having visitors, so am thrilled you popped in and hope to see you again soon. You just never know where the suitcase has been or where she's going to next.

have a wonderful wkend.

GoLightly said...

Thanks, DDF. You embarrass me, again.

I'm mostly an animal/horse/dog blog, I think.
You don't have to keep putting my boring blog out there!

OH, we went to our conservation area, had a GREAT time with five other dogs! I know the owners, but hadn't seen them since last fall. Dogs had a blast, and I was just fine.
Thanks for that blog review guy. Interesting stuff.
Oh, I'm supposed to have a purpose to my blog?
Now I know.
I can just hear his review.
Three letters.

The things I figure out, eventually...

To DDF, and her great blog!