Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Featured Rescue - Sherman the Bassett Hound

I ran across this guy on Petfinder and again have to wonder why rescues use such dreadful names. Statistics show that cute names adopt out faster than names like "Sherman". I asked the same question about that Border Collie named "Eubie".

This guy is 10 years old. Being a senior, he is already going to have a tough time finding a new home, let alone the fact that his eyes don't produce tears properly so daily eye drops are a neccessity ... why would you compound the problem by giving him a name like "Sherman"??



GoLightly said...

Oh, the old ones really break my heart.

Good luck Sherman!

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Sometimes I think they just run out of ideas and/or have used the fun names one too many times. Our two came to us with the worst names on their papers, I just couldn't believe it. (We're pretty sure it was a backyard breeder)

I hope Sherman finds a forever home soon! Every time I am on Petfinder I end up crying. I want to foster them all!

Your Daily Cute said...

I love Sherman's name. I hope he finds a fabulous forever home! Old dogs rule. :)