Saturday, September 5, 2009

Post Exchange - Dogs Hate Michael Vick

Ok, I had to share this site. I originally found it when I was checking my drops inbox on Entrecard. If nothing else, Entrecard has let me to a few different neat blogs that I wouldn't have found otherwise! I just wish there was enough time in the day to read them all AND get my work done!

It's not really something I would normally pass on through this blog, but it made me laugh so much looking at some of the pictures that I thought you would all enjoy it too.

Hope your long weekend has started off great!


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Ha!!! I love it!!!
Thanks for sharing and I am adding it to my blog roll.

I am also sending this link.

the "vick dog chew toy" in an eagles uniform. I ordered several for dog friends for christmas.

LilliGirl said...

Hey, you! I just got your note in the mail. Thank you so much! :)

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

giantspeckledchihuahua ...

I ABSOLUTELY love it!!

LilliGirl ...

Let me know how things go.