Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monthly Followup August

Monthly Followup

Is it September already? Good grief! Where did the summer go? Did it miss us? Anyway, I'll try to recap and followup this month as best I can ...


Dog Owner Fined

Per the News Reel - Ontario Dog Owner Fined, an Ontario woman has been fined $14,000 after being found guilty of libelling a commercial dog breeder online.

What does this mean for you and me? You are responsible not only for what you say but also for what you type and post. Think before you act.


Phoenix Updates

Do you remember the Neglected dog in 'horrific condition'? This was the Chow Chow that was found with bald patches, open and bleeding sores, and ridiculously long nails. Below to the left is a new picture of him - you will notice that he is looking a lot better and is on his way to recovery.

I pondered in my post about him what would happen to him. Would he recover physically? If he did, would he pass the SAFER test? Perhaps I should have wondered if he had life threatening pre-existing medical conditions ...

Here's an excerpt from the Humane Society of Durham Region's web page:

Phoenix has started to show some signs of feeling a bit better. He is eating well and going outside for regular bowel movements. He even barked for the first time today. We finally got confirmation of his specialist appointment today and he will be going next Monday to have the cancer on his tongue checked out. Unfortunately that was the earliest appointment we could get. We will know more about what if anything can be done to treat the cancer after that appointment. In the meantime we are continuing to treat the other issues he has by building up his immune system and trying to clear up his infections. We have received test results confirming the presence of cancer cells on Phoenix's tongue. We are planning to transfer him to a specialist to determine the next course of treatment or other options that are in his best interest. His skin condition has been diagnosed and it has been determined that it should respond well to medical treatment


Top Commenters
Since I will be posting Top Droppers from Entrecard, I will only be posting the top 3 commenters. This month's top 3 commenters are:
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Well, I'm new at this whole Entrecard thing. I put the widgit on this blog in the middle of August to test it out and see if it was worth it.

I have noticed a lot of people post their top droppers for the past month as a sort of thank you for stopping by. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon for this one ... so here are my top droppers for August:

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GoLightly said...

That's interesting.
So, if I tell the truth, it can be considered libel?

No wonder we don't say anything about anything anymore.
We might offend someone.

Truth sometimes hurts.

I'd put that poor Chow down.
Don't sue me;)

shane rocket said...

i think we need a branch of government that beats asses, stupid people. wow

Kasha said...

$14,000 dollars! That scares me! I guess that is all I can say!
Kasha and Africa

LilliGirl said...

The 14k is freakin stupid but I'm not that surprised. The chow looks amazingly better. Please keep us updated. I'm inerested to see how that all turns out.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GoLightly ...

Be careful - if you tell the truth and it offends someone you might get sued.

I would definitely consider euthanasia for the Chow. I don't feel comfortable with a Humane Society spending thousands on one dog ... He's just becoming a publicity stunt and by keeping him alive, they will get more donations pouring in.

shane rocket ...

Yes. Well said. I think there is a branch for that, but they don't talk about it much ...

Kasha and LilliGirl ...

I agree. There should be some balance in this system we live in, no?